Dwight D Eisenhower

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    Dwight D Eisenhower
    U.S. President-Suez 56

    1885 Dave and Ida were wed.
    Seven sons made in the marital bed,
    Dwight number three in this lively brood,
    A little quick tempered given to mood.

    No nonsense at all dad would take,
    Insisting the bed you would make,
    Mum was cuddly, ever to oblige,
    A kindly person in anyone's eyes.

    As time past by to school he went,
    History, sport, his leanings were bent,
    Other things he took with salt,
    Not to sure, given to fault.

    Graduating from Abilene high,
    College education he had to put bye,
    Joining his father a mechanic by trade,
    Working long hours, his money was saved.

    With sporting talents he entered west point,
    Then twisting his leg his knee out of joint,
    His sporting days came to a close,
    To military matters his interest arose.

    In 1916 he wed his choice,
    Mamie Dowd, no descending voice,
    For 25 years he slowly climbed,
    To Lt Col. he seemed resigned.

    Then in '41 Zeros attacked,
    Pearl Harbors navy quickly sacked,
    Staff appointments came his way,
    Planning strategy was his forte.

    The rank of General he soon attained,
    That wonderful smile he still retained,
    Easy and comfy with command,
    D day,s landings efficiently planned.

    D day came, went our way
    Berlin now, no longer held sway,
    A five star general he had become,
    Not to bad for a mechanics son.

    But Dwight D. hadn't finished yet,
    In 53, the countries problems he met,
    Going to the country getting the nod,
    The 34th president was given the job.

    In' 61 his reign came to its end,
    A small farm in Gettysburg was his to attend,
    The rural setting was his delight,
    Playing golf as well he might.

    In '65 health came to the fore,
    Clutching his chest he hit the floor,
    From there on in his health declined,
    Walter Reed hospital he was confined.

    In '69 his life expired,
    By the whole free world he was admired,
    To Abilene in Kansas the cortege went,
    The chapel of meditation his body was sent.

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