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    One of my friends found a kit bag of a british soldier from the Durham Light Infantry.
    I only have these informations about him :
    Name : W. Foggin
    Service number : 4445248
    DLI (Durham Light Infantry).

    He wasn't killed or wounded in action, so, how can I have some informations about him ?


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  2. Mr Jinks

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    Hello Paddle,

    If the bag was found in Normandy then W Foggin was originally from either 6th DLI, 8th DLI 9th DLI of 50th Division 151 Brigade or 10th DLI or 11th DLI. of 49th Division, 70th Brigade. I say originally because he may have been with someone else when he `lost` it.
    He was an `old soldier` in terms of service enlisting between 15th December 1925 - 15th April 1927.
    I would hope the interest in the bags owner would be of a Military Curiosity rather than your `friend` attempting to achieve a higher sales value with research ?


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  3. paddle14

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    Hello Kyle,

    Why was he an old soldier ? How can we know that ?
    It's not for the sale value. My friend just want to have more informations about the soldier because he's interested by the story of the items. And this kit bag was found near Caen.
  4. Swiper

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    Given reinforcements could be sent anywhere... to simply state he served with the DLI in Normandy may not be the case at all.

    Wait a decade or two for WW2 Service Records to be released and get an answer then!
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  5. Mr Jinks

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    Hello Paddle,

    The answer is in the text :)
    If you are asking how can you tell hes an old soldier that answer lies I believe in his service number and when it was allocated /issued. All we know ,as Swiper has pointed out, is he was with the DLI at some point in his career ,possibly still was but there`s no way to confirm without the service record or an official mention elsewhere ?

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  6. paddle14

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    It's okay, thank you !

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