Dunkirk 1940 photos some never before seen.

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  1. morrisc8

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    Dunkirk Casino and 2nd photo town ruins with AC on fire [ I added colour ]. Photos from my collection.
    dunkirk casino 1940. beach.jpg Dunkirk ruins fire.jpg Dunkirk ruins fire AC on fire.jpg
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  2. morrisc8

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    Dunkirk air recon wire.jpg Dunkirk Air recon photo , you can see a gap in the mole and wire on the beach.
    Original wartime photo from my collection.
    Dunkirk air recon 4.jpg Dunkirk air recon kb.jpg Dunkirk air recon 2.jpg Dunkirk recon air 2.jpg
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  3. morrisc8

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    East Mole Dunkirk kb.jpg east lighthouse dunkirk mole.jpg Small lighthouse at the end of the East Mole/pier 1940.. You can see a gap in the fence and a ladder, looks that there has been a fire in the lighthouse. Info on the back of the photo in German. Dunkirk.
    Photo from my collection.
    East Mole Dunkirk kb.jpg East Mole Dunkirk back of photo.jpg
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  4. KEV_EFC

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    Does anyone know if this sign post still exists and if so where about is it situated,

    dunkik 2.jpg dunkirk 1.jpg
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  5. Nido

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    The text reads:
    Unser Bunker auf
    der Ostmole von

    (Our bunker/pillbox on
    the East Mole of

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  6. morrisc8

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    Thanks Nido for the info
  7. Nido

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    morrisc8, you are welcome any time!
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  8. morrisc8

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    Here are some photos of German navy men [ Kriegsmarine ] . One photo of bunker and bridge with train, one of a ship, with name. The seller said they were taken in the Dunkirk area. Any one ID the areas of some of the photos.
    Thanks for any help.
    Photos from my collection.
    dunkirk german navy. bunker.jpg dunkirk station german navy.jpg dunkirk ship 1.jpg dunkirk ship name D.jpg dunkirk german navy.jpg dunkirk german navy. on bridge.jpg dunkirk german navy. ww2.jpg dunkirk german navy bunkbed.jpg dunkirk german navy. guys.jpg
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  9. Nido

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    Looks like the ship's name is DERINDJE. Built in 1916 by the Nordseewerke.
    The ship is mentioned in archives as Schraubendampfer Schiff "Derindje"
    Detailseite - Archivportal-D
    The list of losses says, that she was lost in Bordeaux on 26.08.1944
    Verluste 1944/3: Deutschland
    (details are on the scans attached).

    Derindje ...jpg

    Derindje ..jpg
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  10. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    Thanks Nido, here is a link for more info.
    Derindje - ShipSpotting.com - Ship Photos and Ship Tracker
    1944-08-25: The 'DERINDJE' was sunk by its own crew on 25 August 1944 near Bordeaux. Refloated after the caputilation in 1945. The wreck was sold on 26 August 1946 to Werner Hacklin in Pori (Finland), who lodged her in the Laivayhtiö 'Aune H', and towed to Finland by a Dutch tugboat; there she was laid up at Reposaari (on the other side of the bay, opposite Mäntyluoto), at the shipyard of Reposaaren Konepaja, who started the repairs. The ship's recovery went slower and slower and was never completed. Also, the ship was never christened. Finally, in July 1950, the ship was sold for scrap to the British Iron & Steel Corporation, who assigned her to Thos. W. Ward Ltd. at Inverkeithing.She was towed from Reposaari to Scotland by the steamship 'OTTO H' belonging to the same company, arriving on her last voyage in the Firth of Forth on 22 July 1950.

Note 1: The 'DERINDJE' was requisitioned by the Kriegsmarine in 1940 to serve as transport ship 'R.45' for Unternehmen 'Seelöwe'. Subsequently used as a transport ship for the Channel coast and on 11 July 1942 given to Bock, Godeffroy & Co.

Note 2: The 'DERINDJE' departed on January 23, 1947 from Bordeaux/Pauillac to Rotterdam towed by the tugboat 'TYNE' (L. Smit's Int. Sld.). She arrived in Rotterdam on February 12, 1947, was laid up in Rotterdam in the Waalhaven, and towed in July 1947 by the tugboat 'ZWARTE ZEE' to Aalborg (Denmark). (Departure Rotterdam July 25, 1947, arrival Aalborg July 28, 1947, at a shipyard there).
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  11. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    Dunkirk beach. photo from my collection. I added colour.
    upload_2021-9-7_12-4-24.jpeg upload_2021-9-7_12-4-24.jpeg
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