Dunkirk 1940. Inland. France & Belgium. Photos, some never seen before

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    Now I can make out Ghyvelde which would point exactly where the frame was taken from,now Route de Furnes

    I have identified the name of the canal which runs from across the Belgium border at the sea access at Nieuwpoort,on to (Furnes) Veurne,then on to Dunkirk.It is known as the Canal de Furnes.

    It's an interesting canal network for the Canal de Furnes runs into a roughly north/south canal,the Canal des Waterringues,south of Dunkirk which flows north and bypasses the Dunkirk harbour to give access direct to the sea.The southern section turns east at Bergues and flows as the Canal de la Basse Colme,continuing east to Hondschoote then in a north westerly direction to (Furnes) Veurne.

    The D 601 was formerly the N1,the main Calais to Dunkirk road which extended up to the Belgium frontier and would account for the numbers of BEF vehicles shown abandoned on that road....the road number on the section between Oya Plage and the Belgium frontier was only changed,as I see it, probably about 10 years ago, to the D 601

    As regards the regional canal network,didn't Hitler indicate some concern in closing down the Dunkirk perimeter,there was a risk that the Panzers would be bogged down by the canal complex?
  2. morrisc8

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    A few more from my collection.
    bef morris Q and CDSW.jpg morris cdsw and truck 1940.jpg
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    The top picture is 140 Field Regiment assets in Cassel.
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    See the ornate white wall? I believe two Glosters officers were buried in that garden before being moved to the communal cemetery. Battalion HQ was just to the right of this picture.

    Thanks for sharing :)
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    A few more from my photo collection of morris amb and a pu truck.

    morris amb 1940.jpg morris amblance 1940.jpg bef dunkirk area morris pu Z3920452.jpg
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    I bet that last one is identifiable, on the Bergues Furness canal I'd say. It's a cracking image.
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    Found some rare No3 British Air and Military Mission pictures on my latest trip to TNA, all Nov 1939.
    1. 12th Lancers attached to No3 at Caserne Vincent, Valenciennes.
    2. An extremely rare picture of Fairy Fairweather and Hoppy Hopkinson together.
    3. 12th Lancers and RAF vehicles of No3 at La Cateau.
    4 and 5. 1 and 3 from google maps. FB_IMG_1565048098902.jpg FB_IMG_1565048091768.jpg FB_IMG_1565048086114.jpg Screenshot_20190806-003719_Maps.jpg Screenshot_20190806-011333_Maps.jpg
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    Enjoying these photographs.

    Out of interest what part of the Germany army does the uniform worn by the man in the middle of the photograph of the Morris Commercials Ambulance in post 45 represent? Is he a transport officer?

  9. morrisc8

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    I would like to know that as well

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    Which file please Mongo?
  11. MongoUK

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    Apologies, missed this, WO 106/1654.
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  12. MongoUK

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    I have the entire file if you want me to check for anything.
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  13. morrisc8

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    One more from my photo collection. One of the cars has Y = 5th Inf Div.
    bef 1940 cars.jpg
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  14. JCB

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    That M.A.N. in the background has some weight to pull !
  15. skimmod

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    i think i have seen this building before to the south west of Ypres. Some sort of convent buildings used as a 5th Div medical location.... damned if i can remember where it is though
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  16. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    One more photo taken from my original negative. near Dunkirk.
    morris gt.jpg
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  17. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    Two more original photos from my collection.
    railway gun  and morris pu. in pit jpg.jpg
    railway gun  and morris pu. kb jpg.jpg
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  18. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    Two more original photos from my collection.
    2nd photo has captured cars [ Humber and trucks ]
    dunkirk street cars trucks flag (2019_01_08 13_19_49 UTC).jpg British and german staff cars dunkirk area 1940.jpg
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