DUKWs. How did they arrive in theatre?

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    Lots of DUKWs used in all sorts of locations. I am wondering, though, how they were actually delivered to theatre particularly for the various D-Days. Can't imagine them sailing under their own power across the often wide stretches of water involved, but then you never know! Similarly I could imagine that launching them off, say, an LCT could also be a nail-biting event. Would they have been landed dry onto a beach from, say, an LST and then got on with their own activities from there?
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    I can only speak for Normandy. See Sword Beach tread on this forum.

    Short answer. Most arrived on LSTs and had no real difficulty in swimming ashore. Some were carried on LST davits instead of LCP etc. One load was carried by LSD.

    I seem to remember that DUKWs crossed from Sicily to Italy under their own power.

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    Thanks Mike. Makes a lot of sense.

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