DUKW as tourist attraction

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    There is/ was one on Jersey that runs to the Castle in St Helier bay.


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    I saw a DUKW being driven by Elvis Presley off the coast of LLandudno.

    Nobody believed me when I told them I'd seen him in a DUKW. They said it must have been a pedalo.
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    Did he go down with the ship?

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    It's probably my age, but I look at that and think "Thunderbird 4".
    Looks like the driver did too...
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    Finally worked out where the photos I took were located - this is a going concern called RAINFORESTATION in the far north of Queensland, just outside of Cairns. They operate a fleet of DUKW trucks and take punters for a drive through some rain forest and across a lake or two - all good fun.

    In fact, I am off to Cairns tomorrow and wifey said that if I behave I can go there again this time.

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    I used to live in Kansas City and went on the Branson "duck boat" tour with my kids a few years ago. Sad news indeed. They do get bad storms there that sometimes come out of the blue (it's tornado country). Or perhaps the company shouldn't have been running the tours in bad weather? I'm sure we'll find out in due course.
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    Cell phone video looks terrible. Those poor people.
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    Shocking images of this incident.

    I haven’t read the whole topic so apologies if this one has been mentioned further up of tthe thread.

    There was a DUKW tourist tour around Liverpool - in the Albert Dock and on land around the City Centre - for a good few years with even the Queen being one satisfied user.

    Unfortunately it had a sinking episode in calm weather - on the Albert Dock - no one injured - which lead to a H&S review and its permanent removal from service.


    Yellow Duckmarines sinking - report says 'lucky' no passengers drowned

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    God, that is awful.

    Four people died in one in Ottawa back around 2000-2002. They are just not safe enough for this purpose.
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    Just found out they also have DUKWs in Philadelphia .
    Had a look at some pics & saw they had an accident a few years ago.
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