DUKW as tourist attraction

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  1. Drew5233

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    Went on a family trip to Paris during the half term and was on a river cruise down the Seine. Between the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame I was sure I spotted a DUKW. I was to slow with the camera as it was between some barges. Anyone else seen it ?


    I was in Paris with the G/F and I saw it too :D

    Heres the one I saw
  2. peterhastie

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    Yes! that was it.

    Any close ups ?

  3. Drew5233

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    Na sorry.

    I just found it on the net and can't find anymore.

  4. kfz

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    I can see one right now out the office window swimmng round the dock. I dont care how seaworthy they are supposed to be it still looks like a Truck in the water to me.

  5. Smudger Jnr

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    You apparently have a great view out of your office window!

  6. kfz

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    You apparently have a great view out of your office window!


    Its not bad, but I just feel a terrible need to wheel out a PAK40 and start taking pot shots at it with overly flase German accent.

  7. ken griffin

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    hi everyone,
    there is a DUKW 'Dervina' owned by a Mr William Searle, of Hunstanton, Norfolk. I believe it is still used for tours around the wash, I can remember going on it in the 50's in my younger days.
  8. Mace

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    Hi Ken,

    My mum used to live in Heacham, just next door to Hunstanton and can confirm that it was still going as of two years ago.

    best regards

  9. Owen

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  10. Gerard

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  11. CL1

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    Tourists rescued from Thames after London Duck boat catches fire

    Passengers on board a popular River Thames amphibious pleasure boat have described how they had to leap into the water and swim for their lives after it was engulfed by flames just yards from the Palace of Westminster.

    Image 1 of 4
    Photo: BBC

    By Martin Evans

    1:44PM BST 29 Sep 2013

    [​IMG] London Duck Boat fire: pictures

    A total of 28 tourists and two crew members had to be rescued when the London Duck Tours craft they were travelling in caught fire just after midday.

    A number of those on board, including some children as young as six, dived into the freezing Thames fearing the vessel was about to explode.

    They were rescued by the emergency services and crew members from other boats that rushed to their aid when they spotted smoke billowing from the stricken vessel.

    Three people, including a pregnant woman, were treated in hospital for smoke inhalation, while others were treated by paramedics for the effects of cold and shock.

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    Donna Wood, an Australian passenger, said: "We saw smoke, we saw fire and my husband and I said 'I think we better jump into the river', and we did. We're Australian, we can swim."
    Londoner Elissa Wood, who was on the tour with her parents, who were visiting from Australia, said the first they knew of the fire was when they noticed smoke pouring from the front of the craft.
    She said: "We saw the tour guide and the captain look at each other like 'this is a real problem' and then they encouraged us to put life jackets on and jump off. It was really hot. The flames were really hot and it was confusing. We weren't sure what was happening so it was scary."

    While all of the passengers and crew were quickly accounted for, the emergency services admitted the incident could have easily had tragic consequences.
    London Fire Brigade station manager Simon Tuhill said most of those on board were visitors to the UK, with some coming from Holland, Sweden, Brazil and Australia.
    "They were pretty pragmatic about it all," Mr Tuhill said.
    "Obviously it was pretty scary for them. It isn't every day you sink in a boat in the Thames."
    The boat is one of a number of amphibious vessels belonging to the London Duck Tours company, which offers pleasure cruises along the Thames.
    Similar tours operate in other parts of the country and the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh took a trip on one last year during a trip to Liverpool.
    But the refurbished craft, which are the same style as those used to ferry troops during the D-Day landings, have been beset with problems in recent months.
    In June, 31 people had to be rescued from Albert Dock on the River Mersey when a duck boat got into difficulties and sank.
    In July the Marine and Coastguard Agency grounded seven out of nine of the boats operated by London Duck Tours over safety concerns.
    The company has been running tourist services on the River Thames since 2002, carrying more than 200,000 passengers.
    The fire ravaged vessel was towed away from the scene by the London Fire Brigade and the Port of London Authority announced it would be holding an investigation into the incident.

  12. von Poop

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    Seems to have been a flow of these tourist DUKWs getting into trouble.
    I imagine that'll be an end to it here, after previous incidents.

    31 March 2013
    15 June 2013

    Few others, and a smattering of fatalities worldwide.
    Sure I read recently that London wasn't licensing any more anyway.

  13. Bernard85

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    good day cl1.yesterday.10:18pm.re:tourist duck catches fire on thames.thank you for posting a great coverage of this sinking.its good that all aboard were safe and unharmed.have a good day.regards bernard85
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  14. Mark Hone

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    Probably the end for DUKW tourist tours I would have thought. As reported, two of the 'Yellow Duckmarines' have sunk recently in Liverpool and that has put the kibosh on their activities there, notwithstanding that HM The Queen travelled on one last year.
  15. Andreas

    Andreas Working on two books

    Been on it once. It's amusing, but also a bit overhyped. I don't think it's appropriate to use these for tourist activities, but that's my inner old git.

    All the best

  16. jw021979

    jw021979 Still Learning

    These are about 70 years old. Should they still be in use?
  17. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Looking at the conversions on some photos of British-based ones on HMVF I don't think there's all that much 70-year-old kit left on 'em.
    Seem to have been gutted and refitted to a proper sort of modern daytripper standard with pretty much just the hull/chassis extant.

    Though I read you could go on one based in Singapore which still had bullet holes in it...
  18. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    The one operated by Shark Sighting Tours, I hope.
  19. ww2ni

    ww2ni Senior Member

    I had not seen the video of the Liverpool incident before ......What a complete shambles.
    Where is the control, organisation, speed in issuing life preservers, getting the rafts sorted.

    I was on one of these in Jersey some years ago and I would hope that they are allowed to continue however looks like some rigid inspections are required.
  20. Owen

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    Here are some pics of the many Duck Tours DUKWs in Boston MA on Friday.
    Didn't go on one just took photos of them.

    duck 1.JPG duck 2.JPG duck 3.JPG
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