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  2. salientpoints

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    Thought I'd show you some photos I took the other week of a DUKW that has been in gainful employment for as long as I can ever remember in Eastbourne.

    I do not know if they use it for transporting the public anymore out to the boats (they used to do trips in it) but it is used when the boats are anchored off-shore at night and the crew utilise it.

    - DUKW is a manufacturer's code used by the General Motors Corporation to identify the different vehicles in their range. In this case it works as follows;
    D = Date - the first year of manufacture.
    U = Amphibian.
    K = Drive to all wheels.
    W= Dual rear axles.
  3. salientpoints

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    And another angle;
  4. smith 565

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    There is one in Liverpool doing trips round the docks, which I saw last year. It was painted a rather garish bright yellow.

    I'm sure there must be quite a few more out there doing similar trips or employed in other ways?

    Geoff (sorry now that I didn't take a photo) Smith
  5. salientpoints

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    Funny you should say that Geoff -

    I think the one you refer to is part of a company called Dukw Tours (or is that Duck Tours?)

    Check this out - D-Day Duck Tours: http://www.iwm.org.uk/dday/ducktours.htm

  6. Erwin Rommel

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    Those things are awesome. They still use them over here across the pond for tourist functions mainly. I rode one when I was in Boston on a school trip a few years ago. Quite unique vehicles indeed. :)
  7. WestKent78

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    There's one in Hawaii run by 'Dukw Tours' that does a trip of Honolulu. It's painted a very sickly yellow and brown. I'm not sure it still goes in the water, but I have the feeling it does. Looks very strange cruising around in rush-hour traffic. :D
  8. WestKent78

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    Hmm. Just read some of the above. I wonder if Dukw Tours is a multi-national corporation! Seems a big coincidence that they have the same name and chose the yellow paint for the vehicle.
  9. smith 565

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    Another one spotted in Hunstanton, north Norfolk last week, doing trips along the beach etc. Painted overall light grey.

    My wife did not view the idea with much enthusiasm, so I'll have to wait for my little boy to get a bit older!

  10. MalcolmII

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    There are three doing trips in Dublin. Can't remember what they are called but it isn't DUKW Tours. Great fun though!!
  11. Originally posted by smith 565@Jun 10 2004, 12:37 PM
    Another one spotted in Hunstanton, north Norfolk last week, doing trips along the beach etc. Painted overall light grey.

    My wife did not view the idea with much enthusiasm, so I'll have to wait for my little boy to get a bit older!

    They Have{or had last year}two of these Mighty Beasts doing tours of Seal Island Off the Norfolk Coast of the Wash @ "Sunny Hunny"~{Hunstanton}
  12. julien

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    In Paris too, you can cross the Seine on a DUKW coloured in green-olive.
  13. 1944

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    There are a couple of DUKW's used in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands to go to Elizabeth Castle in the bay.
  14. Bodston

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    I've just been reading about the use of DUKW's fitted with scaling ladders during the US Rangers assault on Pointe du Hoc.
    As the waves of DUKWs and LCAs landed on the small 25-yard strip of beach, soldiers raised one of the London Fire Department extension ladders to its full height. Sgt. William Stivison of the Second Rangers labored to the top carrying twin Lewis machineguns. He drew counter-fire from the Germans above him as his comrades watched the amazing spectacle. Amazingly, not a single bullet even grazed the lucky Stivison as he single-handedly attacked the enemy on the crest. Fighting to keep his balance, he continued firing even as the ladder weaved from side to side in a dizzying arc almost 90 feet in the air. The spectacular duel in the air finally ended due to the ladder being forced to retract by the rumbling seas under the DUKW. His performance was exactly the kind of courage and innovation that Rudder had hoped for when he had selected his elite team.

    taken from www.militaryhistoryonline.com

    So I thought I'd do some digging and I turned up a couple of pictures of these peculiar oddities.


    They appear to be fitted with Merryweather 100' turntable ladders and so the first shot looks like it was taken at Merryweather's in Greenwich, in front of the Hose Shop. The second picture is from the Tank museum archive and shows training in England.

    I certainly don't fancy being under fire while swinging around at the end of one of those.
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  15. Slipdigit

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    I'm looking at the pitiful outriggers, if you can call that spindly attachment on the side by that name. I'll bet the ground had to be absolutely level. Extend that ladder a hundred feet and then let it tilt even a bit to either side with those outriggers that close to the center-line and it's going down.

    Any mention of it being used?
  16. von Poop

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    "carrying twin Lewis machineguns"... strewth!

    Nice one Bod, that'd make for an 'interesting' model. Not sure I could even go up a ladder that size on solid level ground, let alone "weav[ing] from side to side in a dizzying arc".
  17. Bodston

    Bodston Little Willy

    Any mention of it being used?

    It would appear that four were used in support of the US Rangers assault on Pointe du Hoc on D-Day. Only one was extended.

    Here are a couple more online accounts. http://www.worldwar2history.info/D-Day/cliff.html

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  18. peterhastie

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    Went on a family trip to Paris during the half term and was on a river cruise down the Seine. Between the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame I was sure I spotted a DUKW. I was to slow with the camera as it was between some barges. Anyone else seen it ?

  19. plant-pilot

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    There are a couple in London as well doing tours on the Thames.
  20. ADM199

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    Saw One on the Seafront at Cleethorpes a couple of yrs ago painted blue.
    But I do remember there being two 50 or so years ago that ran up and down the Beach.

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