Duke of Wellington Regiment (1/6th Battalion) 1939 - 1947

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  1. John Kilvington

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    Hi all, I am after information on the 1/6th Battalion DWR of which my father was in 1939 - 1947.
    I do know that my father was posted to Iceland during part of the war and was involved in Operation Overlord. As far as i can make out the battalion had a very rough time in Operation Martlet and were then amalgamated with possibly 1/7th Battalion but I can't find a lot of information on this, was wondering if anyone can help with this?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Stuart Avery

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    Hi John,

    welcome to the forum. A fine regiment by the way. Are you aware of the The History of THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON'S REGIMENT 1919--1952 By C.N. BARCLAY? You need to be looking at Chapter 15 The 1/6 Bn -- 39-45. Page 183-196.

    Service in the UK, Iceland and NW Europe. Its interesting to note that the 6th Duke of Wellington Captain, DWR was killed in action at Salerno, 16th September 1943. Come back if you can't obtain a decent copy of it for around about £25.00? You may be able to get a cheaper copy? Good luck.


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