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    Phillis was born in 1909 and appears in the 1911 census in #31 and #32. I take your point, the John W Myers dying in 1918 must be wrong. I have attached the details for him which tied in with the census information of 1911.
    I will take a look for a later date.

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    Louisa MYERS married JOSEPH H ROSS in Bramley 4 Q 1922.
    This explains the son;
    Joseph H R Myers born 1922, possibly ROSS-MYERS

    So, John WIlliam Myers died in 1918 and Louisa remarried in 1922.


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    I am creating a family tree on Ancestry as it is easier to see whats happening, I will allow people access when I have progressed a little further.

    Re Phillis, she married a Frederick Flesher in 1929 - its on the tree

    Please be patient


    PS she died in 1996
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    Thanks TD - I promise to be patient!


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