Draft recognition codes.

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by bamboo43, Dec 7, 2013.

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    I have my Dad's service records. In amongst some of the acronyms is this RUGFZ. It appears in the sentence: "Posted to Draft India? RUGFZ and temp attached to 3 cpy I.C.Depot."
    I can decipher most of that, the puzzle is India and RUGFZ. Dad was in the FSS, Field Security Service, serving in Africa Italy and Europe as BAOR attached.
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    It means everyone with that code was on the same draft going to the same place.
    The letters themselves do not mean anything.
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    researching my uncle's service with RA LAA and his record shows 'posted to C bty Depot TA (draft REAKZ) wef 8/3/1943 (broadstairs) Appears to be an overseas embarkation followed by disembarkation 10 days later most likley in N Africa. the attached to 47 LAA Regt.

    anyone know what REAKZ means?
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    many thanks; had expected something more profound!

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