Douglas (Doug) James B Flight 2742 Squadron RAF Regiment

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    Douglas-James (left).gif VE-dinner-menu-page1.gif VE-dinner-menu-page2.gif VE-dinner-menu-page3.gif
    My father Douglas (Doug) James (on the left in the picture attached and in the thumbnail image) served with B Flight 2742 Squadron RAF regiment during WWII. He died many years ago and left very few papers and photos from this time. My interest in them started earlier this year when I came across a Dinner menu of B Flight for VE Day 1945 in a book that belonged to my father. The menu was signed by my father and about 30 other guests at the dinner (images of three menu pages attached). I knew that the RAF Regiment still existed and wondered if there was a Regimental Museum that might be interested in the menu.

    After researching on the internet I discovered the answer to this question but also came across postings about 2742 Squadron from "Chick42-46", whose grandfather Chick Carmichael not only served in the same squadron but had also signed the dinner menu. After I got in touch we discovered that my father was part of Chick's armoured car crew and I was able to identify him in some of the photos that Chick42-46 had of his grandfather. I am now interested in finding out more about my father's war service as he spoke very little about it other than being in Palestine at the end of the war.

    See link to my album photos at

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    Seventy years ago today, my grandfather and your dad were tucking into tomato soup, roast chicken and roast potatoes, followed by trifle and cream cakes, "somewhere in North West Europe"!

    A votre santé!

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