Doomed Soldiers

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    “The operational methods of the NKVD which control every aspect of life, had permeated everywhere, and demoralized weaker individuals. There are thousands of agents […] In comparison with the NKVD, the Gestapo methods are child's play.”
    General Leopold Okulicki (1898-1946) - the last commanding officer of the Home Army, murdered by the Soviet NKVD.

    [...] Tell my Grandma, that I conducted myself with dignity."
    Danuta Siedzikowna codenamed "Inka" (1928-1946) , a 17-year old medic from the Major "Lupaszka's" unit of the Home Army. Executed by Polish Secret Police, the UB on August 28, 1946.
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    General Nil is one of these soldiers.

    Emil August Fieldorf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    On 7 March, 1945, Fieldorf was arrested by the Soviet NKVD in the town of Milanówek. He was misidentified under the name Walenty Gdanicki and sent to a forced labour camp in the Ural Mountains. In 1947, he returned to Poland, now under firm socialists control. He settled in Biała Podlaska under his assumed name and did not return to underground activities. Moving between Warsaw and Cracow, he eventually settled in Łódź.
    The socialist government, which was persecuting those former fighters who still had been loyal only to the London-based government-in-exile offered an amnesty to them in 1948. Not knowing that the amnesty was a sham, Fieldorf outed himself to the authorities. He was then placed under investigatory arrest in Warsaw. In prison he refused to collaborate with the Communist security services, even under torture.
    Fieldorf was falsely accused by prosecutor Helena Wolińska-Brus of being being a "fascist-Hitlerite criminal" and having ordered an execution of Soviet partisans while serving in the AK. After a kangaroo court trial, he was sentenced to death on 16 April, 1952 by the presiding judge Maria Gurowska. An appeal to a higher court failed, and the family's plea for a pardon was denied when the Communist leader Bolesław Bierut refused clemency. The verdict was carried out by hanging on 24 February, 1953 at 3:00 pm in the infamous Mokotów Prison in Warsaw; General Fieldorf's body was buried in a to-this-day unknown location.

    Wolińska died in Oxford on 26th November 2008. There's no any justice...:(

    Now in polish cinemas is the movie about last part of life of General Nil. I hope, that it will be possible to make english version or subtitles.:)



    More photos from movie:
    Wyniki Szukania w Grafice Google dla

    Second person I would like to show is the last polish partisan also "cursed soldier", Józef Franczak.

    Finally, in 1963, he was betrayed by a relative of his common law wife, Danuta Mazur. Stanislaw Mazur informed the secret police of Franczak's whereabouts and his planned meeting with Danuta Mazur, who was also the mother of his child. On 21 October 1963, 35 functionaries of ZOMO (a paramilitary riot police) unit surrounded a barn in Majdan Kozic Górnych, a village where Franczak was in hiding. They demanded his surrender; Franczak presented himself as a local peasant, but after having been asked about identity documents, he opened fire and was mortally wounded in the ensuing firefight. After an autopsy, Franczak's body (without its head), was returned to his family. He was buried in the cemetery in Piaski Wielkie.

    Józef Franczak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Cursed soldiers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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