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    Any one have any info about my grandfather and or the 33d chemical decontamination company from during wwii?
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    Hello Liberty,
    Welcome, just Googled and found this.
    HyperWar: Chemical Warfare Service: Chemicals in Combat [Chapter 9]

    Large Area Smoke Screens in the ETO
    The 33d Chemical Decontamination Company landed on UTAH Beach on D-day with the multiple mission of decontamination reconnaissance, smoke, and CWS supply.<SUP>7</SUP> Although by that afternoon the unit was prepared to provide smoke on call from VII Corps, the German Air Force failed to appear in strength and the need for smoke never materialized. As a consequence, the 33d's main mission became that of supply; the CWS dump maintained by the unit handled over

    HyperWar: Chemical Warfare Service: Chemicals in Combat [Chapter 4]
    The 2d Platoon, 33d Chemical Decontamination Company, went ashore on UTAH Beach at approximately H plus 3 (0930) . Since resistance at first was light on UTAH, the 2d Platoon at once established the first CWS beach dump of the invasion. By D plus 2 detachments of the company which had landed with elements of the 531st Engineer Shore Regiment were ordered to assemble under the command of Lt. Carroll W. Wright. The assembled 33d Company expanded the original CWS dump into a CWS maintenance and supply dump which the unit operated until D plus 21. It handled about 5,000 tons of CWS Class II and IV supplies during this period. Like their colleagues on OMAHA Beach, the men of the 33d also performed gas reconnaissance, provided showers, and fought fires.<SUP>84</SUP>

    20th Support Command - Our Subordinates -22d Chemical Battalion (TE)

    was originally constituted in the Army of the United States on July 11, 1942,
    as the 33d Chemical Decontamination Company. The unit saw combat during World
    War II, and was the first chemical unit to land on Utah beach. The company
    earned several campaign streamers to include Normandy with arrowhead, Northern
    France, the Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, and Central Europe, before deactivating
    at Camp Swift, Texas on Oct. 17, 1945.

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