Doing some research on (The Black Devils Brigade)

Discussion in 'Canadian' started by slimsilver, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Hi Linda

    CL1 revived this old thread so I'm not sure if this is till relevant but here are a few links that may be of interest:

    Bertram Winzer who served in Devil's Brigade during World War II gets Bronze Star

    FSSFA 2013 Reunion Info - Windsor, Ontario Sept. 25th-28th, 2013

    A video posted two years ago which shows a number of FSSF veterans commenting at an event they were invited to by Canada's 3PPCLI

    Regards ...
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    Just bumping up this old thread to correct your error " the US 5th Army landed on Anzio " well - NO they didn't.... a combination of one corps of the US 5th Army and a corps of the BRITISH army landed at Anzio - just to ensure that History is not all bent out of shape...


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