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    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    Could anyone please hazard a guess at what the following German ID Tag markings represent....

    1..... 4.SS- Pi.A.u.E Btl. (what does "A.u.E" mean?)

    2..... Kdtr. A. Fl. Horst Zerbst (it's just the "Horst Zerbst" that baffles me here)

    3..... RAD K5/3 1 5/2 2 8 (I know what "RAD" is, but am unsure on the sequence of numbers and what they represent)

    4..... 6 SS. Pz. Ers. Btl. 22 (I know what this is, I'm just trying to find what larger unit, this sub-unit was part of)

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Garde Grenadier

    Garde Grenadier Junior Member

    Sorry, just wanted to mention that tags are called "Erkennungsmarken" in German.
    There are some (German) websites dealing with the matter -just put the right word into the search-machine.

    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    Thanks for that. I've looked at several web-sites and checked my own references for all of the above (apart from the RAD disk), but nothing has turned up. The "Horst Zerbst" (along with the "A.u.E.") is particularly baffeling.I contacted the IWM about this one and they said it was the soldiers name (they also said it was a 1916 pattern tag!!! o_O ), but I know this to be totally untrue.

    Do you know of any particular websites I could check?



    (PS. Sorry for the spelling mistake! :P )

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