Dodgy shots of Sicilian Bunkers

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    A mate is currently touring Sicily, and sending me pictures of pillboxes etc. with a 'wassat?' sort of message.
    My answers being mostly, 'it's a pillbox, mate, whaddya want? Blood?', the thought occurs that some of the more travelled/knowledgeable on here might have better info.

    Any idea what/where these might be - scraps of specific history?
    Long shot, but you never know. Some clever buggers round here.


    This one 'On the road to Syracuse':

  2. Ron Goldstein

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    Did six weeks in Sicily with the 78th div but can't remember seeing either of those two pillboxes.

    If I rember rightly we have a few local Sicilians on the forum who might be able to help.

  3. Drew5233

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    One for Lee - The chap we know at Kew is into all this Italian 'stuff'. He found a map of Sicily the other week containing all the bunkers and MG positions, trenches etc on the island including the names/types I believe.

    I must say it was a bloody nice map :D
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