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  1. Hi, is having a note of being docked pay on a service particularly rare or commonplace? I'm trying to assess whether my grandfather was a bit naughty or just the same as everyone else. Also would there be any records of the incidents related to why he was docked pay, such as court martial records, or would that probably be not that serious?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Where is the “docked pay” listed?

    It will be very difficult for members to answer your various queries without sight of the original papers.

    It would also save members time if you posted your service record queries on a single (continuing) topic.l rather than creating separate topics for various service records related queries.

  3. Fair enough, thanks for the advice. I will leave it in this thread. I will post the record in a bit. It's listed on the b103 form in the same column as his leave requests.
  4. This is his service record. Many thanks in advance

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    To get a rough idea of how "military misdemeanours" were dealt with, have a read through this linked thread - contributions from two veterans: one from the ranks, the other giving an officer's experience.
    Naughty Boy, You're Confined to Barracks

    Tags covering the same subject
    army discipline | WW2Talk
    disciplinary record | WW2Talk

    Courts martial dealt with more serious offences.
    courts martial | WW2Talk
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    Thanks for posting the records.

    The forms MOD supply are far from the whole content of a service record file. If you have access to findmypast I’d encourage you to have a look at a few random Scots Guards service files of men who served during WW2 to see how much an average service file contains.

    In respect of your grandfathers record I’d suggest that the actual offences would be minor in the scale of military offences and would have been dealt with by his Company Commander or at Battalion level.

    Discipline offences are usually listed on B120 & B121 forms. It is unusual to find full “files of evidence” but time/date & place and names of witnesses are listed on those forms. Brief details are often, but not always, recorded on the B103 in a manner similar to how they are recorded in your grandfathers file.

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  7. Many thanks for that. Apologies for being a bit dim, but are you suggesting that his service record "file" would appear incomplete? There was only one further document the mod sent to us when we requested it, which was his notification of impending release.
  8. Would you also say from his record that he was a "normal" rifleman for the want of a better term? In the sense that he would have had rifle and fought the enemy had his unit gone anywhere, rather than being a behind the scenes type solider? He always used to say to me that he used to drive lorries and that was about it. I note from the record he failed his Mechanics test, but nothing about lorries. Oddly separately we do have his hgv licence from the army but it was dated Apr 46, just before he left.
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    The simple answer is yes. MOD have a strict disclosure policy. They don’t release medical records or disciplinary papers and various other bits of correspondence which took place with soldiers during service and until their discharge from Class Z reserve.

    Having said that I’m not sure whether files held by MOD have been culled over the years but none of the Scots Guards files I’ve looked at have any evidence of having been culled.

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    From what I can make out from his B103 his medical category was lowered from A1 in 1940 to B? sometime later.

    His only overseas service appears to have been a short period in France June 1940 - presumably with “2nd BEF”.

    Clearly he was trained in the use of a rifle and would’ve been armed with it in France 1940 whatever role he performed - similarly whilst engaged in Home Defence duties around the UK 1940/42.

    His lowered medical category may have impacted on the type of duties he could perform and lead to his posting to “Home Details”.

    The answer will likely be in the papers withheld by MOD.

  11. Thank you for that, that's really helpful.
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    Similar thing on my fathers service record. (see scan)

    Negligently driving WD vehicle, to pay 10/- (10 bob) towards cost of damage.

    In his defence i should mention several months prior to this incedent, he was torpedoed in the Atlantic and rescued, also the date of the incedent was on the 29th Dec, his bithday.
    Maybe he and others decided to take a WD vehicle and go for a few pints, he never told me the true story.

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    Same with my father's record.

    He was late getting back from a 2 day pass which was on 19/20 September 1942.
    He didn't arrive back until the following day, so was AWOL from 0600 hours to 12.30hrs (6hrs 30 mins). Docked 1 days pay for 21 September. Probably caused by the trains-it must have been hard getting home from Scotland to Bradford and back again within 48 hours. I guess he probably decided to return the following morning.
    army records | WW2Talk

    I don't care what he did-I am so proud of what he did during the war:).

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  14. Thanks all and please advise if this should be on a separate thread. I've attached a picture of my grandfather. I was wondering about his shoulder insiginia and the lanyard. The top badge I think is the badge of the 52nd lowland division, the bars underneath I think are to do with his brigade, but I've no idea what the triangle shaped one is, can anyone help. Also what is the significance of the lanyard? Many thanks.

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