Div. Signage (8th Army?)

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  1. harribobs

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    Hi All

    I am attaching two photos taken by my father in North Africa, probably 1941-42 time

    There are two (possible divisional) signs, the first on a truck, a circle above a rectangle (thats my father about to go on guard duty)

    the second is on the front of a jeep a two colour sign with the initials DRLS (you can also see the first sign on the front of the jeep ( next to my uncle)
  2. Gerry Chester

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    The sign on the lorry is that of 10th Army Corps. The one on the jeep is not familiar to me.


  3. harribobs

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    Thanks Gerry

    I can see where that comes from (now)

    I am wondering if the DRLS is a Royal Signals acronym? I should have said it was a signals section

  4. harribobs

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    I think Beppo may have got this on the GWF

    ... DRLS: despatch rider letter service. ...


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