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    _DSC0457.jpg Ditherington Flax Mill and Maltings was used during the 2nd war as a training barracks. We have secured funding to research just what went on here at that time. Graffiti has been discovered between layers of paint created by the military personnel stationed her. See our project website for info and photos.

    Names and service nos suggest various regiments were here - perhaps it was used as a staging post for Dunkirk Evacuees - some of the incriptions are dated May 1940. There was a searchlight battery nearby - were the men stationed here?

    We have only 4 oral history recordings from local people relating to this period.

    If anyone can add to our recorded history of the site we would love to hear from you.
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  2. Guy Hudson

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    4037137 Pte. T. (Thomas?) SCARRETT Kings Shropshire Light Infantry & 9th Battalion Durham Light Infantry
    He originally enlisted in the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry before transferring to the D.L.I.
    Wounded in action 2nd November 1942 Western Desert

    Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.12.57.png
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    Thanks - yes we know about this individual. We are after information about the barracks - when opened, what it was used for, what regs. were stationed there etc.
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    Work on the painted walls continued over the weekend and we have 2 new names that we have looked up.

    4036936 Pte. L.H.Fletcher KSLI 1st battalion. Wounded 30/9/44 ( listed in error)
    4929014 Pte. Ronald Saunders KSLI 7th battalion and killed in action with the South Staffordshire Regiment 19/7/44
    I wonder what the 'error' wad for FLETCHER above.

    A number of names came to light today - details once we have looked them up.
    Also darts scores and other number lists - what game counts down from 101?
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    This graffiti came to light today can anyone thow any light on it - I haven't managed to find anything on this gentleman. Viewed from a different angle the third line is clearly 'KSLI'

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  6. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    is the number 601427 if so

    The army number: 601427 indicates that the soldier's original unit or date joined was:

  7. Guy Hudson

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    I think there is another number at the end which I cant't read. It would make it an Essex Regiment service number.
    Must have transferred into the K.S.L.I.?
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  8. tsrplatelayer

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    MY own feeling is 601 rther than 607 - but could be either. I think the missing digit is s '4' -you can just make out the top of the slope and the bottom of the cross. Also today a kit list 2 cols pack and bag, and a list of postings, the only one I can nake out is Wesyt Africa 1943. To see more pics go to (valid until end 2018) Dropbox - Flaxmill 05-11-2018 - Simplify your life
  9. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    well done Guy

    Army Number to check:

    The army number: 6014274 indicates that the soldier's original unit or date joined was:

    "Essex Regiment"
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    Thanks guys - tht is usefull - but haven't found anything that confirms this by correlating to the name - JARMAN perhaps, Jarmin, Jermyn or similar.
  11. tsrplatelayer

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    Work continues and todays graffiti discoveries raise a number of questions.
    What is the significance of 'Gun No' - p[erhaps soldiers were detailed to specific guns and responsible for their use and upkeep? Were they Anti Aircaft defence or Artillery Training pieces - in Shrewsbury? Were KSLI involved in these activities.
    And what are the numbers in the first image - ranging data?
    numbers1.jpg numbers2.jpg numbers3.jpg numbers2.jpg numbers3.jpg
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    The best way I can suggest to find out which units were stationed there is to get the War Diary for the District or Area that covered Shrewsbury. I think it was part of Western Command. They often list the 'ins and outs' of units in the area and that would give you a start. Then you go to the War Diaries of the units which show as being there for more detail. All the War Diaries are at Kew so you can either visit or get someone to copy them for you - there are people on this site who provide such a service far cheaper than the National Archives.
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    Adding to Skoyen89, Western Command [WC] "A" [Adjutant] files for 1940's that I have consulted tend to end each month with a list of units forming in Western Command or posted there. The Quartermaster movements will also for 1942 at least (if not more years) list all train movements of named units at stations in WC and lists the unit on that train.Sometimes this allows even closer scrutiny of troops in an area.You should also consider looking at the level below Command which is the relevant local Area.Sorry, I cannot remember what Area covers Shropshire .

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