Diggers Fly The Swastika?

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Charley Fortnum, Jun 14, 2018.

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    why has it taken so long for it to surface 2007?
  3. idler

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    Are we sure it isn't photoshopped? The flag does stick out a bit.
  4. Gary Kennedy

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    From what I could see, ABC in Australia had asked photo experts to examine the shots to ensure, as far as possible, they weren't using a photoshopped image or 'artists' impression'. The Australian report does state that it was the work of an individual within the unit, who was disciplined accordingly. Personally I think that's an important distinction; one man in the unit chose to obtain a Nazi-era swastika flag, take it to war with him and fly it from a vehicle he was in. I can't see any suggestion this was a unit decision which reflected their shared political views.

    Every unit or organisation will have members who are just utter gits about some things. It can't be helped, it's part of life. All you can hope is that the responsible grown-ups can head them off before they inflict 'reputational damage', and here they were too late. I noticed the 11 year period between it happening and being reported as well. I can only assume it's been revived with the Australian review into the conduct of its personnel in at least one case, as detailed later in the ABC report.

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    If you read the Facebook Tiger Tank site you often see people who claim to be serving soldiers profess their admiration for all things German and SS in particular. It would appear such like-minded people are 'over-represented' in the ranks.

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