Diffferent time format in war diary.

Discussion in 'Unit History' started by nicks, Oct 24, 2015.

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    Could someone explain why the time has been recorded in different formats in this war diary entry.


    Thanks in advance.
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    When was this started?
  6. Fred Wilson

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    Allied Communications Publication (ACP) 121 - current incarnation:

    The requirements for military communications rapidly expanded throughout World War II.
    Consequently, it was considered essential to further develop communications systems
    in order to achieve successful co-ordination, command and control of a global war.
    The requirements for compatible equipment and procedures with Allied Forces were necessary to achieve a more efficient C2 system."
  7. dbf

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    Does anyone have the original diary entry to compare?

    Could this have been an error introduced when the diary was being transcribed, ie might it read

    I transcribe onto a spreadsheet and if I'm not careful it autocorrects my times.

  8. nicks

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    I have a copy of the original, the only time that would appear to have been transcribed incorrectly is 0070230B which should read 070230B.
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  9. idler

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    Are we all clear that the red 'times' are actually day/time entries, i.e. 080230B is 0230hrs GMT+2 or BDST (British Double Summer Time) on the 8th of the month? It was a convention that helps clarify the events of night ops.

    Time zone aside, I've used it as-is in Excel but you need to format the cells as text to keep the leading zeros. The default time format bugs me because it insists on the colon.
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  10. dbf

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    Wasn't but am now, cheers.
  11. idler

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    Phew! I was concerned I was stating the bleedin' obvious. It makes more sense that they've used it in the context of a later report, rather than a diary entry per se.
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  12. dbf

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    Nah, happy to learn something new.

    And thanks Nick for starting the thread.
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  13. nicks

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    Much clearer, thank you.
  14. minden1759

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    The way it works, and is still used in the armed forces today is called DTG - Date, Time, Group.

    If the time is shown as 070230B Apr 15, this would mean 0230 on Bravo time on 07 Apr 15. Bravo time is two hours ahead of GMT.


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