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    what were the differences between the standard waffen SS and those who gaurded the camps such as uniforms weapons, cuff titles etc??
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    In my limited experience with SS uniforms, I never saw camp guards uniforms debated in any books but one, nor saw the subject discussed in any magazine, as of course it will be difficult for anyone to bring himself to model a figure of a concentration camp guard.

    The only exception I am aware of is the 'Uniforms of the SS' series, vol.4 'SS-Totenkopfverbände 1933-45' by Andrew Mollo, publ. Windrow & Greene, 1991.

    Of course I can't relate the contents of what is a dense book, but you may find the underneath interesting.

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    thanks mate :) perfect!
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    They were one and the same really.

    The Waffen SS was born out of the camp guard units of the 1930s. Having too many ´´guards´´ in the late 30s was a good pretext for building up a politically reliable army on the quiet. The ´´guards`´ became the weapons SS in August 1940.

    There were close ties and the same admin offices were dealing with the camp SS and Wafen SS between 1940 and 1942. This was the period where they were to a slight degree more seperated.

    The Camp SS amalagamated with weapons SS from an administartive point of view in 1942. Guarding camps eventually became convelance duty for Waffen SS.

    The Waffen SS totenkopf was based at Dachau from 1941 onwards - so you can see the close ties.

    So to answer your question. Camp SS would have been wearing Waffen SS uniforms.

    Evenually all sorts of people such as regular german army solidiers and maries were drafted into the SS to help out with guard duties as the camp system expanded in the later stages of the war

    Hope this helps
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