Dieppe Raid August 19, 1942

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    Several threads have discussed the futility of OP Jubilee. Positions were for and against the premise that the mistakes learned from the raid played a significant role in the success of the Normandy landings.
    My question is the following.....What was the intent of Jubilee and what had the planners contemplated if indeed the raid had been a success? Would the capture of Dieppe resulted in a full scale invasion of NW Europe?
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    Just a combined operation on the French coast.
    A bigger and better raid.
    No because they had only planned to hold it for a short time.

    It is almost impossible to explain what it was all about here, a greater understanding of the events of combined operations can be found in this book published in 1943.
    Combined operations 1940-42: Amazon.co.uk: Combined Operations Command: Books
    Admittedly it was a government book. But it was written by people who could only surmise what the future would bring.
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