Dieppe Prisoner lists for British POWs

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  1. skimmod

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    hello all,
    I'm looking for lists of British POW's taken at Dieppe during the raid?
    I want to cross reference this with my lists for the Royal Scots Fusiliers, who after Dunkirk seem to have flocked to No3 Commando to get their own back!
    any help would be very appreciated.

  2. Mr Jinks

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    The casualty lists on Find my Past may give you some idea if you input the unit details . May not give you all ,and may be a trawl but it`s a start?

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  3. skimmod

    skimmod Senior Member

    thanks! I'll give it a go.
  4. Steve49

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    Hi Ian,

    I've identified the following R.S.F. personnel as being members on No3 Commando during the Dieppe raid.

    Cpl Albert O’Hare 3134056 R.S.F. Never landed
    Fus J. Caddis 3128842 R.S.F. POW
    Fus S. Clelland 3129351 R.S.F. POW
    Fus P. Gribben 3132642 R.S.F. Never landed
    Fus J. McLean 3134205 R.S.F. POW
    Fus T. Parsons 3131634 R.S.F. POW
    Pte W. Parsons 3134304 R.S.F. POW
    Fus Ernest Pickersgill 3127649 R.S.F. Killed (F-Cayeux-sur-Mer)
    Fus A. Porter 3134237 R.S.F. POW
    Fus Thomas R. Sharp 3133573 R.S.F. Killed (M)
    Fus J. Spiers 3130056 R.S.F. POW


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  5. skimmod

    skimmod Senior Member

    thanks Steve! really appreciated.
  6. MongoUK

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    I have the Phantom details somewhere of KIA and POW.

    Not many, but it'll be an obscure one that most wouldn't know/care/miss.

    Leave it with me.
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  7. skimmod

    skimmod Senior Member

    thanks buddy!
  8. MongoUK

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    "J" Squadron, GHQ Liaison Regiment "Phantom"

    Phantom Patrol landed with No 3 Commando,
    Lt Hillerns, KIA
    Cpl Masterson, Wounded and taken prisoner.
    L/Cpl Craggs, KIA
    Gnr Richardson, Wounded and taken prisoner.

    The Patrol with the Canadians never made it to shore.
    The Patrol with No 4 Commando landed and were subsequently evacuated.
  9. skimmod

    skimmod Senior Member

    thank you! much appreciated.
  10. pete

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