Did any of your family serve during WW2; if so what did they do?

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  1. Hi all,

    My grandfather William Reilly served in the 10th RA Regiment for WW2 - He was called up on his 18th birthday. I know he was active from 1945-1948 and I remember him telling me about being based in Cyprus/Palestine. I have attached a photo of him in the army with others and it would be amazing if anyone on here recognised their loved one. I have attached his tracer card also as I would love if anyone could share any info they know. I am in the process of trying to retrieve his service record and his medals for my father. But would love to find more info on the other regiments mentioned - I see the 41st and 195th mentioned on his tracer card.
    Thank you in advance :)

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    My father, Cyril Clark, served in the RAF from 1939, qualifying as a Sgt Observer in March 1940. Posted overseas in Jul 1940, he joined 211 Squadron RAF in the Western Desert, then Greece, then Palestine, from Sep 1940 to June 1941, for 40-odd ops in all on Blenheim Is and IVs. The Squadron was then stood down for a period of aircrew training in Sudan, eventually becoming 72 OTU there in late 1941. By then he was a navigation instructor and in Jan 1942 posted as such to 47 Air School at Queenstown South Africa, where he saw out the war, commissioned then repatriated to the UK in March 1945.

    My mother was an ARP volunteer in 1940, and became engaged to my father before his overseas posting. In 1942 she enlisted in the ATS, first as a Telephonist, later as a Cypher operator, leaving the ATS prior to their marriage in April 1945.

    In the 1990s Dad wrote some laconic notes of his service with 211 Squadon, in brief Log Book form, as a corrective to some less accurate published information. His longhand foolscap notes and photographs led me to find a way to record them, firstly in booklet form (1996) then from 2001 as my website www.211squadron.org, since very much expanded.

    CFR Clark 1916-2003
    BR Clark nee Hawkins 1921-2010
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    My blood family that served on my father side:-

    Great Grandfather (First World War Veteran, Home Defence with Berkshire Regiment WW2)
    Great Uncle (Infantry, Battle of France, Dunkirk, KIA during Run on Tunis 1942)
    Great Uncle (RASC, served Palestine, Egypt, Sicily and Italy)
    Great Uncle (Royal Marines /Infantry, served in Burma)
    Great Uncle (Royal Navy, Minesweepers)
    Great Aunt (ARP)
    Great Aunt (ATS)

    Great Grandfather (Career soldier, Pre war Palestine, D-Day/ NWE Campaign, Post War Palestine)
    Great Uncle (RAF, Bomber Command, DAF and KIA in 1943)
    Great Uncle (Pre War Fireman, AFS, NFS)
    Great Uncle (First World War veteran and career soldier, served in Ministry of Defence Police in London during Blitz)

    My blood family that served on my mothers side:-

    Grandfather (Career RAF, served in the Middle East in Armoured Cars for 10 years during the 1920s, Blitz in London, Rear Air Gunner, FRU in NWE Campaign, Canal Zone in the 50's)
    Great Uncle (First World War RNVR veteran, Canadian Army during the Second World War)
    Great Uncle (NFS 1940, Home Guard 1941-44)

    Great Grandfather (First World War MC veteran, career officer, served at CDES Porton during WW2)
    Great Great Uncle (First World War veteran, career prison officer, served as an ARP warden at HM Prison Durham WW2)
    Grandmother (Nursing Sister)
    Great Uncle (Royal Artillery)
    Great Uncle (Royal Artillery)

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    Louis Andrew Makinson, born 1921, DLI TA (4453730) Searchlight and Light AA, survived the war, re-enlisted immediately after de-mob into Royal Signals (22527754) serving in Far East and Germany, I remember living in Essen, Oldenburg and Luneburg, his service finished in 1957, sadly passed away in 1986 before drawing his Old Age Pension.
    Every day is remembrance day. FB_IMG_1651262114294.jpg
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