Did any of your family serve during WW2; if so what did they do?

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  1. Susan A

    Susan A Member

    My grandfather William Berry - 62nd (The Loyal) Searchlight Regt RA and 147th Essex Yeomanry (Gunner) in NWE.
    My father in law Leonard Ashworth - he was in RAOC. About to start research on him but know he was serving in Germany at the end of the war and after.
  2. Reid

    Reid Historian & Architectural Photographer

    My grandfather, George Cowell, served in the 62nd (The Loyal) Searchlight Regt RA and then DEMS (Home Waters, Iceland, the Atlantic, Med and SE Asia).
  3. Susan A

    Susan A Member

    Reid, my GF served with 62nd S/L 437 bty from 1939 - 1943. He came from Chorley, Lancashire.
  4. Reid

    Reid Historian & Architectural Photographer

    Susan, my GF served with 62nd S/L 437 bty from 1939 - 1941 and he too, came from Chorley. Originally he was with 4th Battalion TA 1935-38. I'm guessing your GF was posted to Orkney in '41?

  5. Susan A

    Susan A Member

    No mention of Orkney on his service record.
    According to his records, he was called out for service Aug ‘39 with 437/62 SL and remained with them until May ‘43 when he was posted to Ballykinler, N. Ireland with150th LAA Regt (I believe 62 SL converted to 150 LAA Apr ‘43).
    Small world.
    Regards, Susan.
  6. Reid

    Reid Historian & Architectural Photographer

    It is a small world indeed!

    Orkney wasn't on his service record either, but I have a photograph from '41 marked Orkney and the War Diary for 62 SL records the battery being posted there for a time. He joined DEMS a few months later.

    If you want a copy, let me know and I can send to you.

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  7. Susan A

    Susan A Member

    Nanette a copy would be great. Do you need anything from me to send it? Apologies if that’s a stupid question, I’m new around here.
  8. Reid

    Reid Historian & Architectural Photographer

    Hi Susan.

    No problem - I just sent you a DM (you should get an email notifying you) with a link for the files I have that may be of interest. If you need others, members Drew5233 and PsyWar.Org offer a service to copy files from the National Archives (if you can't do yourself), for a fraction of the cost the NA will charge.

    Hope you find them interesting - I certainly did. :)

  9. Chris Stone

    Chris Stone Member

    Paternal grandfather joined the Navy in 1914 as an ERA rose to CERA and was on gardening leave when WW2 broke out. Finished WW2 as a Lt RNR awarded MiD for his actions on the Capetown when she was torpedoed.
    His youngest brother was a regular officer commissioned into the East Lancs in 35. Served with both the East and South Lancs during the war.
    Landed with the South Lancs on Sword Beach as 2i/c taking command almost immediately when the the CO was killed. Finished the war as a Lt Col OBE MiD, GSO2 SEAC.
    Retired 63 as Brigadier CBE.
    Maternal grandfather was RAF Police stationed the UK and Egypt.
  10. history42

    history42 Junior Member

    My Grandfather served in the Canadian Military during WW2. His name was Robert Earl Matthews and he was born on January 2nd of 1915. He was married to my grandmother Dorothy Piercey at Salanika barracks in Aldershot. I am interested in finding any information on his regiment or service during WW2.
  11. Temujin

    Temujin Member

    Sorry, had the wrong records......I’ll search but you can order his records from LAC Ottawa. Go on LAC’s website, they tell you how to do this.
  12. ClankyPencil

    ClankyPencil Senior Member

    MV Dunbar Castle casualties:

    Name Rate

    Bacon, Norman L. Storekeeper

    Baldwin, William Assistant Cook

    Causton, Henry A. Master

    Davis, Ronald A. Assistant Steward

    Fraser, Angus Assistant Storekeeper

    Kay, Richard Assistant Baker

    Linney, John T. Greaser

    Russell-Johnson, Walter Passenger

    Stewart, William J. Watchman

    Young, William F. Storekeeper

    Who was your Great Uncle killed aboard the M.V. Dunbar Castle?
    My Great Great Uncle John T Linney was also killed aboard her.
    His brother George Scott Linney was also killed a couple of years later when his ship HMS Notts County (FY 250) was torpedoed near Iceland.
  13. mice00ca

    mice00ca Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Both my Mom’s and Dad’s sides served in WW2. Currently I’m searching regarding my paternal Grandfather (Geoffrey Harold Caldwell) and any help would be very appreciated.

    I have been trying to go back and find any info on him.

    I have found the attached casualty
    record. I’m guessing that by this record his casualty was due to fighting in Egypt at the time by the date (July 27, 1942) with the 2nd Cheshire regiment.

    Thanks in Advance!
    Montreal, Canada

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  14. Orwell1984

    Orwell1984 Senior Member


    My mum's father was RAF ground crew. He's on the right here, helping service a Hurricane.
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  15. Pete61

    Pete61 Member

    My grandfather served in the REME in Anzio Salerno Rome all over Italy.
  16. Matt D

    Matt D Member

    My great grandfather Alfred Blyth
    1940 in Military Police 104 Provost BEF in Battle of France/Dunkirk

    1944 June- November then wounded and in reserve then
    February - June 1945 in 12th corps signals second Army

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  17. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Huge photo dump ongoing at my old dear's after an aunt's funeral.
    Known of My Great Uncle & circumstances of death for years, but never seen a picture of him to humanise the knowledge.

    Initial grave photo from CWGC paperwork.

    At Secondary occupation as a concert Cellist.

    There is at least one in Uniform, but hoping to get down and scan properly.

    Photographs powerful things.
    Previously knew he was killed soon after reaching Burma (mine strike on Jeep) after volunteering from a reserved occupation, but now he's somehow made more real.

    Oh, and I also now know my Granny looked like Hitler as a baby... but I might get in trouble for sharing that. :unsure:
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  18. twinotterpilot

    twinotterpilot Active Member

    My maternal grandfather joined the RAF in early 1919 as a RAF "Boy". Working his way thru the ranks after postings in Karachi in the early 20's, he got his warrant in Egypt, gradually getting an Acting Squadron Leader rank with RAF Middle East Intelligence Branch. I have a letter indicating he was promised a Wing Commander rank after serving one year in the S/L role still in Egypt. It never came to pass, and he returned to England on sick leave. Upon release, he took command of RAF Wethersfield and handed it over to the USAAF in early 1944. His next post was deputy base command at RAF North Creake, home of 171 and 199 Squadrons for the duration.

    My paternal grandfather served in France in WWI, and was an air raid warden in the Gillingham area, while also working at Chatham dockyard.

    My dad was a member of the Air Training Corps during the war in Rochester.

    My uncle served on HMS Dido. Although I know ship exploits, his service records are on the to-do list.
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  19. Andsco

    Andsco Well-Known Member

    Totally agree with you on photograph's being powerful. I have a family tree on ancestry and its when you get that photo it changes from being a name to a person that you can connect and relate to.
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  20. Hi Mark,

    My grandfather William |Reilly was called up in 1945 at Gravesend. He served in Burma from

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