Did any of your family serve during WW2; if so what did they do?

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  1. jhowson

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    In WW2 my grandfather served with the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 8th Battalion.

    He enlisted Feb 1940 and fought with the British Expeditionary Forces in France in June of that year - from the 9th to the 16th, then he was back home in the UK until Operation Torch where he landed with the 8th at Bougie and fought across North Africa. Based on the dates and regimental history, I've been able to ascertain that he was wounded at the battle of Hunt's Gap on 3/3/1943. After he recovered, it appears that he spent time in Italy and a stint in Yugoslavia and then finished the war in Austria.

    In WW1, my grandfather on my mother's side served with the Czechoslovakian army, but I have very little info on his service.
  2. Pylon1357

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    Uncle Harvey Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment went OS with first contingent. taken POW 20 Dec 1944

    Uncle Archie, also Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, went OS with first contingent. Survived unscathed

    Uncle Richard (Dick) Canadian Infantry Corps Home War Establishment only, due to medical

    Uncle Clifford Irish Regiment of Canada, DOW September 14 1944 Coriano Italy

    Uncle Gordon, Initially declined as encencial services in Canada (logging foreman) Drafted but rescinded due to war winding

    Father, Army Cadet as way underage for service. Joined RCAF in 1950 at age 20. Served 32 years.
  3. 4BnEYR

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    Grandfather : 4Bn EYR (Sergeant),RAF Regiment + post war (Acting Warrant Officer)
    Grandfather: RN - stoker - minesweepers
    Uncle: 2Bn EYR (D-Day - Wounded), 1Bn Sherwood Foresters (Sergeant), postwar RAF Woomera
    Uncle:RN Wivern (destroyer), Vengeance (carrier), King George V, Vanguard. Petty Officer or Chief Petty Officer (Cook)
    Aunt: Welder (civilian) fiancé lost on Hood. Uncle RN MTBs


  4. steviebyday

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    my father was a tank driver 86th field regiment royal artillery, 342 bat.
  5. Geho

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    Both parents were in the RAF.
    My father was an engineer joined up in 1940 and first became a pilot officer and served in Research and Maintenance units, ending up out in India [1942-1944] and left as a Squadron leader.
    My mother signed on in 1940 as a WAAF and was a plotter at Biggin Hill for the most of the war and left as a corporal.
    The met in 1945 at St Athan
  6. Sam_martin82

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    Hi all

    One Grandfather was GHQ Liason Regiment Phantom. 1942-1946 in UK, North Africa, Italy & NWE. I know a fair bit from conversations with him. He was in F Squadron with S.A.S at times amongst others. I have his Service Record, photos & medals but desperately need the Phantom War Diaries. Please help?

    Another Grandfather was RAF Bomber Command 10, 102 & 150 Squadrons over Germany, Ruhr and Holland. I await his Service Record but have his Flying Logs, photos and a few squadron ORBs. I'm trying to get photos and information on his aircraft and squadrons specific to him whilst he was there, not generic information.

    One Great Grandfather was 44th Canadian Battalion and 176th Tunnelling Co WW1. I have his Service Record, photos & medals as well as the War Diaries.
    Another Great Grandfather was 11th Battalion Hampshire Regiment WW1. I only have his War Diaries, Medal Index Card, Medal Roll and medals.

    Names can be provided. If anybody can help with my research please contact me.
    I'm better to contact on sam_martin82@hotmail.com anytime.
    Thankyou very much.
  7. Drew5233

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    The WO 215 series may be of interest to you at the National Archives. There are a lot of files on Phantom in it.

    Here's the units war diaries within the series:

    WO 215/16 Phantom War Diary 1941 Dec.-1942 Dec.
    WO 215/21 Phantom War Diary 1943 Jan.- Aug.
    WO 215/31 Phantom War Diary 1943 Sept.-1944 May
    WO 215/34 Phantom War Diary 1944 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 215/35 Phantom War Diary 1945 Jan.- Dec.
  8. ciderlion

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    Only discovered early last year 2 GG Uncles served in WW1 James Somerfield West Kents & SW Borderers wounded 1916 in France. His older Brother George also West Kents KIA aged 24 on 30/01/17 at Arras. His company were being relieved that morning. Heavy mortar bombardment killed 1 (George) and injured 3 others. Buried at Faubourg D'Amien cemetry Arras. RIP
  9. bbennyx

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    Uncle Alec was a Lieutenant with the 6th Lincs, killed at Salerno.
    Uncle Roy was an RSM in the Park Company of the 11th East African Rifles in Burma from 1943 to 45. He was diverted on his way home for demob to fight Kenyan rebels, and claims Idi Amin was his batman! He finally made it home in 1947 and is alive and (relatively) well at 93, though will speak little of his war experiences.
    Auntie Gladys was a WAAF at Bletchley Park, so her war service is also shrouded in mystery.
    The research plods on!
  10. minden1759

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    What was the full name of your uncle Alex at Salerno?

  11. bbennyx

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    He was Lieutenant Alec Frederick Bennett, B Company 6th Battalion The Lincolnshire Regiment. He fell on the 11th September leading a patrol to the village of Alessia to establish if it was occupied by the enemy. It was.
  12. two dogs

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    Father RAF Coastal Command Flt Sgt Armourer
    Uncle Royal Navy
    Uncle R.M. Commando
    Uncle RAF Bomber Command Rear Gunner
    All survived unscathed
  13. Pat Atkins

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    Of my father's family I know of:

    His 3 older brothers who all served: one was a (pre-war Regular) soldier, one was a RAFVR pilot with 624 and 148 Special Duties Sqdns, and one served on HMS KGV in the Pacific. Thankfully all survived.

    His father (a former career soldier and Old Contemptible, who lost two younger brothers in WW1) rejoined the Army in 1939-40 to train recruits in the UK.

    His cousin John Howell was killed at Tobruk with 1 RHA.

    In addition, my other half's grandfather Neville Smith was killed at Anzio with the North Staffs.

    Her late uncle Jack was also in the Army, and I believe other uncles did their bit too and survived; alas I don't know who, where or with what branch.
  14. minden1759

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    Could you give me a bit more info about Neville Smith? I am studying the 2nd Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment's actions at Anzio at the moment and can find no trace of him on the CWGC website.


  15. dbf

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    Service No:5053528
    Date of Death:Between 07/02/1944 and 08/02/1944
    Regiment/Service:North Staffordshire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
    Panel Reference: Panel 10.
    Additional Information: Son of John Frederick and Charlotte Smith; husband of Harriett Eileen Smith, of Higher Crumpsall, Manchester.
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  16. minden1759

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    Thanks Diane.

    That was the fateful night at Anzio where 2 N STAFFS's positions were completely infiltrated and overrun from the NW by the Germans as they pushed towards the Anzio-Albano road. Their collapse led, in turn, to the collapse of 5 GREN GDS and Philip Sidney winning his VC.


  17. matthew lucas

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    Grandad's brothers
    Baden Powell Lucas RAF, served 2/KOSB at end of 14/18 war, Tom Lucas RAF and Henry Lucas REME, Sally Jones (sister of these) son's John, Percy, Huw and Sid all served
    Eric Laraman Armorer RNZAF

    Grandad Edward Bardsley ARP Warden and Special Constable, Manchester, Jim Bardsley Munitions worker.
    Brothers John Knowles DLI 1940, A Company 1/KSLI Tunisia, Italy, Palestine 1940-46, Charles Knowles LF and 970 FPEC RE Normandy
    Cousin Albert Knights Q Battery 52nd File Regiment RA KIA by German Mortar fire Sangro River, Italy 29 November 18943 aged 23
    Matthew Lucas
  18. minden1759

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    Is it John Knowles who was in 1 KSLI in Italy. That would place him at Anzio during the 3 Inf Bde attempt to capture Campoleone on 31 Jan 44. They failed and then had to withdraw under immense pressure from the Germans. I have walked the ground and it is not difficult to appreciate just how big the task was.


  19. Stuart Avery

    Stuart Avery In my wagon & not a muleteer.

    Granddads brother, Allen /Alan Marshall. T.A. 4/5 Bn, East Lancs Regt. Joined the Army 19.4.38. 1st Bn East Lancs Regt "A" Coy,
    (Corruna Platoon?). W.I.A. 21.O5.40. For the Battle of Tournai, Belgium & D.O.W. 25.O4.40. I must get his Service Records! Hence, my Granddad Eric, joining the Army on the 25.06.40. " At the Grand old age of 16yrs & 9mths"! I'm sure me Great Granny was thrilled to bits...

    Regiments that he served at home with.

    "F" Coy. 6th (H.D.) Bn, East Lancs Regt. 25.06.40. 26.10.40. P.T. & Rifle course held at Wigton, Cumberland. (Cumbria.)

    Posted to Border Regt, 70th Bn "A" Coy. On the 26.10.40. Stationed at Eccles, near Coldstream in the Borders until 26.3.41. Not much sun bathing there then. B) . Then from 26.3.41/ 9.1.42. Drem. East Lothian. " A wee bit chilly" :mad:

    Transferred to the K.R.R.C. Rifle depot, 9.1.42. Winchester. Taken on strength, 14.2.42 1 MT Bn (Motor Bns). Chisledon, near Swindon..
    2.6.42. Taken on strength, 2nd Queen Victoria's Rifles (8th K.R.R.C.) Mundford, north of Thetford, Norfolk. 8th K.R.R.C. (also at Morpeth Northumberland. & Ampleforth, North Yorkshire. Posted to 1st Queen Victoria's Riffles.(7th K.R.R.C.) 29/4/43. Yeadon, near Leeds, West Yorkshire. Transferred on the 7/5/43, to the 2/7th Bn The Middlesex Regiment (D.C.O.) No 2 Coy. "B" Support Group. Basingstoke.

    Embarked with 2/7th Mx 16.5.43. Disembarked North Africa 27 May 1943. N.AFRICA 7mths. ITALY 1yr 3mths. PALESTINE 5mths
    EGYPT. 10Mths. Home for 18 days LIAP, at the start of 1946. 2/7th Mx was disbanded at the end of 1945. 3mths in Austria with 2 CRU.
    Posted to " Y " List, 7 Sep46. I think he may well have been fed up with the Army by then. "He never drove any vehicle again". pic5.jpg large edited.jpg

  20. minden1759

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    Serving in 2/7 Middx in 1944 would place him at Anzio supporting the Infantry Brigades of 1 Infanty Division.



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