Did any of your family serve during WW2; if so what did they do?

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  1. Charley Fortnum

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    Sorry to drag up old comments, but do you have much information about your father in the Canal Zone? My grandfather's last posting after Germany, Hong Kong, Malaya and Cyprus was in the Canal Zone in 1952, but I don't have much on it yet.

    I know he was with 3 Inf Div HQ (HQRA, that is) and moved with other reinforcements in the Spring.
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  2. Jools Mckenna

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    My Great Grandad on dads side (Peter Stuart Newton) was a major (later a colonel) in the York and Lancs.
    He was part of the Hallamshire battalion and won an M.C in France. He won it because of 2 separate occasions. first, he and some men cleared an enemy wood without casualties and secondly, he built a bridge under mortar fire.
  3. David Layne

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    I have written this blog about my father's time in the RAF during World War 2. He flew a tour on Hampdens and a tour on Lancasters before ending up a POW. Wally's War
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    My great grand father enlisted in 1938 with the cavalry. At some point he was transferred to 2 RTR he fought with them all the way through until his death on 3 September 1944 his name was sgt Joseph tonks 320423.

    We know very little about his service as my grand father ( his son) died befor I was born and my great grand mother suffered with dementia. Now I have my own son is like to find as much out about him as I can so I can pass it on to him to keep his memory alive for future generations.
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    Hi Joe, if you haven’t done so already I would recommend applying to the MOD for his service records. Once you have them members can help you interpret the information. Others can probably help you source 2 RTR war diaries for the period. There are specific sub forum for genealogy and research so make sure you post up your questions there also to have a better chance of other members seeing them.
  6. Joe tonks

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    Thank you for yor reply I'll post in the geneaolgy threads. And I have printed the forms for the mod info.
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    Good luck. As he was in the army from 38-44 there should be a decent amount of info in the pack.

    Have you looked him up on the Commonwealth War Graves website?
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    Here is his page from the CWWGC site Casualty. At the bottom of the page are scans of some of the original documents relating to burials in the cemetery.
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  10. Joe tonks

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    Yes this is the only info I have so far all tho on one of the documents it has the letters 1cgr/ejs 1200 which I think is a reference to a burial site before his body was interned at gradara. I xand find any reference to it.
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  11. Michael Woodhead

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    Dad (Bdr RMO Frank 'Woody' 'Doc' Woodhead 1916-2000) was a regimental medical orderly for the 99th (RBY) Field Regiment RA from 1940-1945

    Mum (Private Ivy Woodhead 1911-1997) worked in communications, ATS R Signals
  12. TriciaF

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    Dad - volunteered for the RNVR. Served '42 to 45. Mostly in the Med.
    Mum - secretary in the Home Guards office.
    3 Aunts , Red Cross Nurse, Land Army, Naafi.
  13. NannaPink

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    Thank you for your bravery and sharing your experiences. You are truly a hero and I'm honoured to be in such company as yourself and other ex service men and women.
    You look real smart there Sir...
  14. MongoUK

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    Step-grandad was a driver mech in 12th Lancers, posted to GHQ Liaison Regt (Phantom)throughout the war, through Dunkirk, North Africa and Italy.

    Wife's great-grandad #1 was captured at Dunkirk with the Norfolk's we believe.

    Wife's great-grandad #2 died at Anzio with 2bn Loyals (N. Lanc's).

    My grandad then served with 3bn Grenadier Guards in Palestine in '47, before coming home, catching Polio and meeting my nan at Fritton Park hospital as we was being invalided out.
  15. Michael Woodhead

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  16. MongoUK

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    Sorry, 1stbn Loyals
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  18. hendrix17

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    Great Uncle: Merchant Navy - killed on M.V. Dunbar Castle when it struck a mine.

    I’ve just found a photo of this ship in ‘the war illustrated’ magazine from January 26th 1940.

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  19. Shane Greer

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    My Grandfather was in the military police in North Africa during WW2 and later served in Palestine. Unfortunately beyond that I dont have much info.
  20. Jacqui Patterson

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    My dad Frederick Charles Patterson was a very proud Chindit serving behind Japanese enemy lines in Burma.
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