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    hi lesley
    do you remember seeing youre dads medals ? I never saw my dads and im sure he would have kept his medal as he kept lots of other stuff . According to my dads army book he was awarded the italian star but lots of soldiers in ww2 never recieved their medals so i applied at the ministry of defence medals office at gloucester . Although not his own you could get 2nd hand originals as they have no name on them .

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    Hi Dave
    Yes I was a lot younger when I saw them. When he died (he lived on his own as my parents were separated) my mum cleared the flat he had been living in. When my mum died we never found them so what she did with them I will never know.

    Thought about getting replicas but not having the originals he would have held doesn't quite seem the same to me. (Perhaps I should have another think about that at some point).


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    I found out yesterday that my great uncle's WW1 medals were sold on EBay in 2011. I came across it by chance on Google. No idea who sold them, nor who bought them. We didn't know they were still around. Hopefully they won't turn up on Dickinson's Real Deal! Maybe I'll be able to find them one day and get them back in the family...
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    Clearing out space in my fathers toolshed, he came across a kitbag and some suitcases. Uniforms and other kit. Drawings ( I assume they were field mods) manuals, with micrometers and gauges - me at that let me see dad age. he from that era (1935 - 1949 fitter/armourer -guns and bombs) when restricted meant just that - 'you cannot look at this'. He burned the lot! The micrometers I did get later, the gauges he gave to a serving armourer. We must have had the only garden gate with a Browning cocking handle as a latch. The worst of it all he had a flying jacket hanging up in the shed for years - a mechanic friend offered to look at my fathers car and refused payment - a motorcyclist he was paid with the gift of the jacket, if only we knew then....... He 'liberated' a silk mess sideboard cover, with the 'TANGMERE' station badge sgts'mess must have been 1940 - where it has gone nobody in the family can say.
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    My partners grandad refused to claim one his daughter has the paperwork still but we've not seen it, may be from when he was a POW 42-45 in Palembang, Sumatra, dose anyone know what medal it could be I'll add a pic of medals he has. I framed this for my partner for Christmas and have only just started researching grandads history

    Albert Norman Stanley Reed j16986

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    Albert is recorded on the Cofepow database, link here:

    Record Details
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    Sorry Fooju,

    I've just seen your earlier post on a different thread and see that you are much further along with your research than the details I've posted above.:)
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    **NOW** On today 29/05/2018 15;40 hrs Interrogation reports Richard Richter Wormhout and le Paradis SS statements and British witnesses seller wants £150 .

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    Original Document Update

    Dealer offer £450 seller went to Auction ,Peter Wilson Auctioneers ,Intel Corps museum made him (seller) an offer which he refused .Started at £700 sold internet bid £1000. Take home £800.

    Should have been bought back by the Government :(

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    I didn't see the programme but won't there be several copies of the 'originals'? Armed Forces of that era especially used a lot of carbon paper. :)
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    I have no idea but from what little they showed these looked a mixture hand written and typed manuscripts,not just a few pages but quite a haul. The seller said his Grandfather was the interrogator and always felt a miscarriage of justice had occurred in respect of one German SS Officer in particular ? Thinking about it would the Intelligence Corps Museum have tried to buy them if there were copies available cheaper ? Sorry they didnt show enough to judge and the only mention online at this time is here

    Dickinsons Real Deal (@ITVRealDeal) | Twitter

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    So the seller has the opportunity to earn a few quid from the 'right' museum and expand engagement, but says no and goes for £££.

    Frankly, tosser.
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    Whenever I watch these types of programs on telly in relation to military items, I always come away shaking my head in puzzlement.
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    I have been searching online and found on another Forum that these items were sold in 2015 so there must be a repeat of the programme around somewhere ? I`ll see if I can find any links? Oh the Axis Forum stated that the Intel Museum offered the same price but the seller opted for a private sale?


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