Diaries Of The Wehrmacht

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    Everybody from Hitler's adjutant...was his last name Engle.?
    and all the others.

    They are an impressive record of what went on.
    Did Hitler have any idea of the hundreds of diaries being kept by his closest comrades and high-ranking military personnel.?

    I suppose, with all that was going on at the time, it probably never entered his mind.?
    Some of those diaries are quite damning to The Nazis. I wonder, if Hitler knew, how he would have viewed or regulated them.

    I assume, especially after the July 1944 Plot that The Gestapo must have found SOME of these diaries being kept by Wehrmacht officers.?
    Maybe they just burned them without further thought.?
    Or maybe they never saw any of them.?

    Just kind of an interesting thought..................

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