DIAMOND T981 with 3rd/4th CLY 1944

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    on these photos, we can see that DIAMOND T tank transporters waits after the 3rd / 4th for CLY's tanks.

    which regiment do they belong? What are their markings?

    Diamond T tank transporters waiting to be loaded, 1944.
    Photograph by Major W H J Sale, MC, 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters), World War Two, North West Europe, 1944.
    from National Army Museum Copyright

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  2. Drew5233

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    Can you date the photo's? I have the Sharpshooters war diaries and there may be a mention of the unit in the diary if you can help narrow it down.


    On the site it's written: The regiment moving on transporters back to the Caen sector, 1944.
  4. Dave55

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    I don't know the answer but I love the pictures.
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  5. idler

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    All you can make out on the first photo is the diagonal bar on the arm of service sign. If the transporter in that last photo was a few yards further back, or the ones in the second had their ramps up, we'd probably have half the answer.

    Depending on date, the war diaries might be 3 CLY or 3/4 CLY.
  6. idler

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    The middle photo might not be related as the Sherman is missing a track, so it might be a one-off recovery than a regimental move.
  7. Swiper

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    One would suggest the pre-Goodwood move as being a strong contender but you'd need to consult WDs, Brigade should have details of transporters used.
  8. idler

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    3/4 CLY "left Vire on transporters on the 12th August"

    From 'Sharpshooters at War'. Didn't see anything earlier, but will check again...
  9. idler

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    Hodges/Taylor has the following serials in 21 AG:

    859 HQ Tank Transporter Column
    860 Tank Transporter Coy
    862 Tank Transporter Coy

    However, there are other RASC serials that aren't described.

    [Edit for typo - 862 not 861]


    This is a new photo I find:

    862 Tank Transporter Coy

    Also there are boards of d├ęcals for models kits with the marking of 21st army, RASC

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  11. idler

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    Good one! I should go and add that to the book...

    Damn! The book says 862, I typed 861. Previous post corrected.
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  14. idler

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    There are war diaries for two Tank Transporter Column HQs: No.1 and No.2

    Trux implies each column had three Tank Transporter Companies. That gives us a total of eight units: 2x Column HQs and 6x Companies.

    Annoyingly, the known serials are in a block of six recorded ones:

    846 last known RASC serial before:

    859 RASC HQ Tank Transporter Column
    860 RASC Tank Transporter Coy
    861 not included
    862 RASC Tank Transporter Coy
    863 not included
    864 RASC
    865 not included
    866 RCASC
    867 RASC

    890 next listed serial 21 AG Staff - not RASC

    So we have a block of nine serials to cover our eight units, assuming they are contiguous.
  15. DannyM

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    The following Companies were in 1 Tank Transporter Column in January 1945.
    143, 373, 388, 450 and 452 Company RASC Tank Transporter.





    thank you for all those informations.

    If I want to build a diamond T980 to put this sherman , how should I put unit markings ?

    862 Tank Transporter ?

    We can see on next poste,War Diary 15 Tank Transporter Company RASC, started by Tom OBrien, Jan 16 2014 08:12 PM

    13 August 1944

    0430 Ten Transporters proceeded to MAP REF 688463 to lift remainder of ???? of 4 Armd Bde.

    2000 All vehs back in location, detail completed.

    Of which depends on the unit?

    Sorry for my bad english.

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  17. Drew5233

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    From 3 County of London Yeomanry war diary


    Dear Drew5233, you are a "real gold mine", you have all the war diaries in your possession ? It's fantastic.
  19. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    I have copies of all the NW Europe Armoured 1944 war diaries and over half the infantry ones for 1944. I've been copying them instead of my usual 1940 war diaries...I think I've taken my eyes off the 1940 ball so to speak ;)


    On this war diarie: "Sep 44 / 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry" it is written:

    1/9/44 Moved on from the crossroads at St. CLAIR M.7642 towards the SOMME. Cleaned up several villages en route and took about 300 POW. At 1600 A Sqn attacked AIRAINNES M.8568 with A Coy KRRC. Very strong resistance and some A/Tk guns, two of which were knocked out. One tank was hit and brewed up. The Sqn withdrew at last light and the attack continued by a stronger formation of the Canadian Army.
    Leaguered in area M.8773 overlooking the SOMME.
    Claims:- 2 75mm A/Tk guns, approx 6 MT.
    Casualties:- 1 OR killed, 1 wounded.

    What does the term O.R. ? It's a soldier,non-commissioned officer or officier ?

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