Detour by Lieut. J. E. R. Wood

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    I stopped by a very small book swap that was sponsored by a local church near me. There was a table with an older women sitting by herself so I thought I would take a quick look to see what she might have. In a box buried I found a copy of Detour and when I opened I was surprised to see that it was signed by both Wood and also William Smith Ziegler. Never know what you will find
    JW Wood 1.JPG jw Wood 2.JPG jw wood 3.JPG
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    Nice to find signed book
    It's always nice to turn up signed books, doubly so when you weren't specifically hunting for them.

    That said, the names are all unfamiliar to me. Do you have any more information about the author, the illustrator, and Ziegler?
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    Please see thread;

    Colditz Canadians

    Lieut. J.E.R. Wood entry (and more) is there.
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    Sounds like a character.

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