Destroyed Morris CS8 - Palestine 1938

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    Hi all,

    This image comes from my Great Grandfathers album. He served in Palestine from 14/11/1937 - 11/12/1939 with 3 Section Palestine Force Signals, part of 14th Infantry Brigade.

    He spent the majority of his time based in Nablus, but manning various outposts in the "Triangle of Terror", spending extended periods on patrol with the various Infantry battalions and supporting SNS operations.

    I suspect this image may be a 1 Royal Scots Fusiliers vehicle though I can't be sure. I say this as I know he was working with them in the Tulkarm area at one stage.

    Anyway, comments welcome!


    Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 6.53.03 pm.png
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    they were certainly using them and lost many to enemy actions!

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    Here are a couple of similar photos from my father’s collection. He was in Palestine with 3rd CG Oct 1938/April 1939.

    No idea which unit the vehicles belonged to or where the photographs were taken.


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