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    Tony, think you may have previously answered your own question "Previously reported POW in Italian hands, now not POW"

    He probably got away/was released at time of the Italian Armistice so would not be on the MI9 lists that were published in late 1944 and early 1945 which have been digitised by the ancestry websites.


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    There is a Marmaduke Street in Toronto which runs off Roncesvalles Avenue east of High Park and near Dundas Street West. 35 Marmaduke is a single dwelling on the south side of the street. But really I can't see a Canadian connection here with the soldier in question being with the East Yorkshire Regiment. The Marmaduke Street in Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, fits the facts much better.

    Most of the old housing on Marmaduke Street, Hull, has been replaced by newer dwellings. Pre-war the whole area consisted of densely packed housing with narrow side streets connecting Marmaduke to Wellsted and Constable Streets.

    I found a poor quality aerial taken in 1937 showing a view down Hessle Road which I marked up. Also a modern satellite view of the area today.

    EPW055050.jpg Marmaduke Street and area..JPG

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    Thanks Cee!
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    Dear guys,
    thanks for the detailed answers.
    Now I've got some extra clarification from you on the bracelet. I know he was a British prisoner from Hull, and not killed in combat.

    I would like to ask you another question, probably more important.
    My other grandfather, Dad's Dad, was an Italian infantry officer in Sicily and was captured by the British in July 1943 during the "Husky Operation." To be honest they were not very loyal because after they arrested him they beat him (grabbed an arm) and steal his wallet and clock. He was then taken to Egypt (Alexandria?) And put in a prison camp where he remained until 1946. Then he finally returned to Rome.
    He has never told much of that odyssey and I would like to know what field was put in (some of my research was perhaps torn into two camps during prison).
    Are you able to get some news about his imprisonment?
    I bring the same name and surname that he had: Raffaele Polella. He was 1914.
    Can you get some information?

    (sorry for my bad english..)

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    May I suggest you start a new thread for the query about your Grandfather.
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    I have received confirmation that the identity bracelet belonged to;

    4344295 JOHNSON William Franks Pte. 5th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment
    Born : 28th February 1921
    Died : 4Q 1990 Northumberland
    He was captured on the 25th July 1942 during fighting in the area of the Ruweisat Ridge, in defence of the Alamein line.
    In Italian captivity at PG 53 Camp, Macerata, Italy. (WO392/21)
    Repatriated 11th August 1944

    There is a Marmaduke Street in Spennymoor, County Durham. The house numbers don't go up to 35A though?
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    I think you’ve answered you own query in your earlier post....

    He likely isn't on the “last” German POW list (1945?) as he was no longer a POW by mid 1944 ......escaped to Switzerland? Repatriated on health grounds?

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    Late 1944/ early 1945 - no he's not on that list, I checked a while ago - reasons as above - he escaped ;)

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    The Maramaduke Street in Spennymoor bothers me. It only goes up to 34, but the street curls around and is taken up by a newish looking retirement lodge on the one side. Were older houses removed from there to make room for the lodge? I might have to eat my hat on the Hull location ... :huh:

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    For interest there are on 2 males with surname Johnson born on this date in the 1939 Register. Gilbert in Staffordshire and Leslie in Essex.

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