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    I'll have to research how to delete my entire website in that case Wendy. It might take a while to find out how to do it and to save the rest of the data. Just being upfront about this as I've not ever done that before.

    In the meantime, I'll check to see if I still have copies of our exchanges over usage, just so as there's no further misunderstanding about your material being used by me without permission.

    I'm afraid I know nothing about Facebook, I don't have an account, perhaps you can contact them directly.


    ps this might still be of interest to you - another member has a photo similar to one of yours
    Can anyone identify the camp?
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    Hi Wendy
    Please pm me your email, so that I can forward to you copies I have of all our email exchanges from August and September 2010 Hopefully they will jog your memory and make it clear I never used any images without your permission, nor published any text without your approval. I have an address for you but am worried that it would now be out of date.

    I will still be permanently deleting my commemorative website, not just removing one page, as a result of your request. However, I need to make this clear: it will take some time to access it and to save all my other data.
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    I have found a message you left on Diane's profile page from 5th August 2010 saying you & your Mum were happy with what D did on her website .

    another vm.JPG

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    No worries the new software terms PMs as Conversations.
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    We've had this issue on another message board that I moderate. That message board is linked to a UK-based physical publication and we have in the past been contacted by the editorial staff to ask us to remove specific content for either a) legal reasons or b) because a former poster wishes to efface every trace of his or her history on the site. These individuals tend to be of the special variety.

    Despite this being time-consuming and irksome as it may render threads unintelligible, we generally comply with these requests but don't view ourselves as being under any obligation to remove quotations of their words made by other posters - those quotations now form part of other users' speech. In short, if you post it and another quotes it prior to your change of heart, it stays unless it is in breach of the law.

    If used selectively, this loophole can preserve valuable content for the board.
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    Apologies to all reading this who are thoroughly bored/perplexed by this matter.

    I'm afraid, for many reasons, I don't feel comfortable dealing with this issue through private communications. Mostly because I think it unfair to make public accusations against someone and then expect that person to limit themselves to private correspondence, while all the time possible evidence in public domain is being systematically deleted.

    I'll address a couple of issues in broad terms.

    There is no breach of privacy in Owen's post above. These are VMs, profile messages, accessible by membership only, as are the attachments. One VM is my text and the other appears on my profile, which is again accessible to all members. They were posted here on this thread, in direct response to the earlier public contention that WG had never heard of my site or given any permission to use material.

    I've since sent emails proving contact, as well as a contemporary offer to correct or remove content (which has always been standard procedure for me). I am no longer willing to spend any more of my time searching for further proof to counter yet more accusations when it remains the case, as stated several times already in this thread, that I will be removing Wendy's material following her change of heart. Indeed, I find myself extraordinarily keen to expedite matters.
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    I just thought I'd mention that any old nonsense that I've posted on the internet has been done in the full knowledge that any part or all of it could appear in the future at locations where I have no control. Please don't copy / paste any drunken late-night ramblings from 'chat' though :wacko:
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    This goes to prove the point - as I cannot open the attachments when not Logged In, they look like this. As they will to anyone who is not a member of the forum.
    looking at post not signed in.JPG
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    Please forgive me for butting in but I suggest this whole conversation revolves around what I personally refer to as 'The Law of Unintended Consequencies'.

    I feel all parties to the conversation are/have acted in good faith but there are also some crucial facts of life relating to how communications, and especially the Internet, work. Once the 'news' is out, it's out - end of - because it's frankly impossible to reel it all back in again. I'm sure we have also heard of stories in the Press where people have posted information on, for example, Facebook, where they now regret it - rollicking times at University being spotted by potential employers for example.

    Moral of the story?....If you don't want information to be placed irrevocably in the Public Domain, don't put it there or agree to someone doing that on your behalf in the first place. Easy to say but far less easy to do. None of us have control over 'copy and paste' either.
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    So Wendy gave whole hearted agreement which she now contends she never gave?
    Go figure who should be complaining.
    Ho hum, move along
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    That what it looks like, Kevin. The butthurt appears to be quite impressive.

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    what a shame for future generations

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