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Discussion in 'RAC & RTR' started by Frank Flattery, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. Frank Flattery

    Frank Flattery Well-Known Member

    Hi all, need help deciphering my grandfather's tracer card, more precisely, the numbers that follow each entry (see excerpt below):


    I'm guessing the last number refers to the year, and the number before it must refer to some bulletin/order, etc.
    Is this the case, and would it be possible to view or get copies of these documents?
    Looking forward to your replies!
  2. S54

    S54 Junior Member

    The no's refer to a filing system ie the unit, letter number and the date! This number would be used as a ref no on any further correspondence ie ref your/our letter dated 1/8/44 under ref no 24l/87/44 this soldier is................................

    Have you tried contacting the NA at Kew?
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  3. Frank Flattery

    Frank Flattery Well-Known Member

    It's worth a try...cheers!

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