Decipering Jeep Markings

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    Lt N.R. Ray was OC "F" Tp only until 11 Dec 1943 at which time Lt H.A. Whincup took over. On 26 Oct 1944, Lt N.H. Scott took over from Whincup. Lt Scott was SoS to X-3 list (medical beyond unit lines) on 28 Dec 1944 and was replaced by Lt E.S. Steben on 12 Jan 1945. Lt Steben was still in command in May 1945 so that would appear to be the full list of incumbents up to the end of hostilities.
  3. Pronto91 Thank you so much for that info. If you're up for it, would you be interested in helping to see if it's possible to find relatives to the OC's above? Pls lmk. Of course I'd be willing to reimburse you for your time.
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    And i live 15km from s-Hertogenbosch and have a Jeep also. Cool to own a 4th Can.Div. Jeep good on ya!!
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