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    Noggin 1969, did you compile these lists or are they from an official source? Thanks.
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    They are from
    Roy Hemington

    Records Data Manager CWGC. I asked for POW casualties that had been buried in Nottinghamshire then reburied. The extra detail of the area the German POWs came from is on the Volksbund site. The location of death registered are from the GRO. The ones I'm particularly interested in are :
    Obergefreiter Erich Ratsch
    Rottenfueher Johann Bischa , I've just ordered their death certs from the GRO
    Gefreiter Wierner Spiess
    Gefreiter Walter Vehlow , I have their certs already. I surmise the ones buried at Nottingham South came from Wollerton or its satellite camps. The ones at Retford East came from Nether Headon and its satellites.
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    After Christmas I'll ask for the records of Lincolnshire sites. My dad said the POWs they had came from the Wigsley/Spalford Warren area which is right on the Lincolnshire boarder. I have checked the parish registers for areas around the local camps , Sconce Park Newark , Caunton , Bathley/Little Carlton and Winthorpe but no names spring out. So I think the East Retford details are the full list. But going on the numbers of casualties per the numbers held in the area it seems they had a lower casualty rate than the Poles and other DP's over the same time.
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    Noggin1969 Thank you for the CWGC lead.
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    Update : Maat Friedrich Wilhem Willer : Navy 1/1/47 death registered at Nether Headon. Found this in local paper , reason I missed it was they spelt his name wrong.

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    Hi Noggin,

    Just wanted to thank you for posting all the above, most informative and fascinating !!


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    United Kingdom - CANNOCK CHASE GERMAN MILITARY CEMETERY Hauptmann KOLMEL, EMIL Stab/K.G.53 (He111) German Air Force 08/05/1941 Plot 3 Row 6 Grave 180 Gringley-On-The-Hill Cemetery:
    Emil was from Mannheim, the 29 year old 'Wing Commander' of KG53, and in the Heinkel 111 shot down by a Boulton Paul Defiant over Gringley on the Hill, whilst on its way from N France to Bomb Liverpool. It crashed into Scrooby Quarry, just Norht of Retford. The crew all bailed out. The rest of the crew (4) were captured walking round the Carrs area, taken to Ranby Camp and questioned before being sent on to Canada. Emil's body was found in a potato field with his parachute unopened. The Vicar of Gringley insisted on a proper burial for one who died in his parish. Apparently there were always fresh flowers on his grave until it was mover to Cannock.


    I carry the story in my book 'Convicted for Courage' by Kevan Pooler (my pen name) available on Amazon
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    Another nice find - Which paper? So Sad. See my note about Emil Kolmel and the He111 - two of the crew were caught by the Gamekeeper at Scaftworth Hall, where a Mr Tissington was the chauffeur. It is a local family.
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    I think that is lovely. I wish you success. Have you done similar for Emil Kolmel - the He111 commander I tell of in my other other note? I thought of doing so, but didn't know how. The He 111 story is in several places on the net.
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    Nottingham Evening Post - Friday 03 January 1947
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    Sorry guys,
    due to a health problems with my right arm7hand, I have been on and off line and only respond to subjects in brief I can handle with my left hand/arm. Or get help from my wife.
    Kindly repeat the German families names and last known address. I will then start a surge with the local authorities, etc.
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    Maat Friedrich Wilhem Willer : Navy 1/1/47 died at Nether Headon from Osterwick-Danzig
    Obergefreiter Georg Sturmer : 70 Div 170 Rgt 3 K.p 15/3/47 no GRO record from Rothenburg died at Nether Headon
    Oberfaehnrich Albert Stumpel : Nachsch. Tr.Schule Hann B 2 K.p 7/5/47 no GRO record from Buren/Westf died at Nether Headon
    Obergefreiter Otto Hanisch : Army 16/3/45 died at Nether Headon from Lubbenau died in hospital
    Obergefreiter Erich Ratsch : Army 22/6/45 died Southwell reporting district from Berlin died Boughton camp ( 656 )
    Gefreiter Wierner Spiess : Army 28/10/45 died Southwell reporting district accidently shot Boughton camp ( 656 ) from Keuschberg
    Gefreiter Walter Vehlow : 242 Div 917 Rgt 2 Bttl 6 K.p 26/6/46 died Southwell reporting district ( suicide ) from Virchenzin
    Rottenfueher Johann Bischa : III Gemn Pz Korp NA 103 Rgt 4 K.p 26/3/47 died Southwell reporting district from Timisoara
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    Thanks a lot.
    I will start my research this week, but it may take a while:pipe:
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    I have started my research, but no results yet.
    Because of German data protection laws, official bodies are pretty reluctant to tell me anything.
    I am now going through telephone directories to find families with the same name in e.g. inBueren and the name Albert Stuempel
    One contact is now calling around in Bueren for me.
    Often they ask me:"And who are you?"

    Where did you get the names from, did you check with your local officials?

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    Thanks Stefan , I have come across the German data protection laws before , tracing Luftwaffe crews. But very little details are kept here and I understand some reluctance from families to divulge their pasts.
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    Hello again,
    I started with Oberfaehnrich Albert Stuempel. inBueren/Westf. and places around Bueren near Paderborn.

    Phone Directory lists many Stuempel and I am in touch with a couple of them.
    It would help to have a birth date.

    Same with all other names

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    Friedrich Willer
    Birth Date: 15 sep 1919
    Death Date: 1 jan 1947

    Georg Sturmer
    Birth Date: 3 maj 1906 (3 May 1906)
    Death Date: 15 mar 1947

    Albert Stümpel
    Birth Date: 14 aug 1899
    Death Date: 7 may 1947

    Otto Hanisch
    Birth Date: 29 nov 1901
    Death Date: 16 mar 1945

    Erich Rätsch
    Birth Date: 27 jun 1907
    Death Date: 22 jun 1945

    Johann Bischa
    Birth Date: 2 apr 1911
    Death Date: 26 mar 1947

    Walter Vehlow
    Birth Date: 18 jun 1909
    Death Date: 26 jun 1946

    Werner Spiess
    Birth Date: 26 dec 1923
    Death Date: 28 okt 1945 (28 Oct 1945)
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    magnificent, this will indeed help a lot. It will still take time, patience and good will.:cheers:
  20. Lindele

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    I now have more details for Albert Stuempels fate.

    born in Bueren, married in Bad Driburg. He owed a paint workshop and acording to local documents had a heart problem or stroke being a POW. The local directory lists an albert Stuempel. The son?
    I will try to call him.

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