Death in the snow, 1/6th scale in the garden.

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by Owen, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Well today I have been looking at saplings & thinking of cutting them down to use as logs in my planned bunker.
    Also looking at small electrical items with grain of wheat bulbs amongst other things.

    You bugger showing me that Tommy I spent a bit too much last weekend.
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    In the Marwencol documentry Hogencamp says his friends mocked him for having Barbies with his soldiers & he replied that he didn't want 'Gayville' , the soldiers needed broads . :)
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    Oh yes forgot about the Marwen
    that is your inspiration for the diorama

    Welcome to Marwen
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    Word to the wise about the Tommy that Von Poop linked to.

    1.) He is one of the original DML figures, with the darker pigment to the plastic and therefore less likely to have feet and hands which shatter. Later figures, after the price of oil sky-rocketed, were made from a various shades of paler, and weaker, plastic and there were huge durability issues. As a result collectors began to hoard the older, darker figures and covet the old BBI G3 and G3.5 nudes.

    2.) Most of this figure is original there's very little added or taken away, except the insignia and if you look closely at the upper shoulder area you can see that it's been applied with a glue that's left a lot of staining. Most, experienced, collectors use a dress-makers glue that is more like a clear, stretchy gum. It does leave a residue but it can be peeled off and over time it simply dries out, turns brown and crumbles. It's annoying but very easily replaced and a lot better than have hardened superglue ruining the uniforms.This figure originally sold for about the £20 - £25 mark here in the UK...of course that was a very long time ago now and DML were pumping out figures by the 1,000's.

    3.) DiD have a tendendcy to use some Chinese, Skunk glue that cannot be removed by a flame thrower...and that's not an exaggeration! I once had an officers Battledress blouse that came with Monty which was covered in this stuff and nothing I used could break it down, in the end I was destroying both the colour and fabric of the jacket so I just chucked it on the fire in the living room. When I cleaned the fire out next morning the only thing that remained was the bits with the glue on them!!

    4.) Below is a link to another old DML figure on eBay. which is described as an 'ex-display item'...not sure if that's a selling point or a warning. This figure is also an early DML nude, of the darker plastic kind, however it's a complete fantasy kitbash (which I'm sure most of you can tell right away). Whoever put this one together really hasn't a clue, or really didn't care beyond getting as much as he could for a 'hard to find British figure'. The camo Windproof trousers are on back to front with the thigh map-pocket down below his arse on the right side; the sten sling is misunderstood and the over-sized cap device is printed on paper and stuck on, probably covering a large hole in the flocking where they ripped on the original Para wings.The plastic belt and ammo pouches are DML but the rest of the webbing is very, very early bbi and not particular good. The Gas mask bag is from DiD's John Coleman figure and the boots are from god only knows where. Bottom line, Caveat Emptor.


    The 1/6th scale hobby was a cheap, fun thing to do with the boys 17-18 years ago but it's no longer that cheap (although it's still a lot of fun) and there are the very unscrupulous out there who will rip you off if you don't know what you're about. If you are going to get involved in this hobby then sign up to one of the forums and get schooled before you hand over your money. Pick an area to specialise in and stick to it! If WWII you thing then go N.Africa; Eastern Front; Normandy; Market Garden etc. - British, American or Russian. If you go modern the Falklands, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghan etc. are all doable)

    Forums for the hobby are as follows...

    OneSixth UK --- OneSixth UK - The Guard House - OneSixth UK - The Guard House

    SAG -- Sixth Army Group

    Sixth Division - THE SIXTH DIVISION

    All the above boards are heavily weighted towards the military/historical end of the 1/6th hobby with SAG and Sixth Division exclusively dedicated to WWII. There is also OSW but I would advise against this forum for a number of reasons...

    1.) a heavy pre-ponderance of assholes;

    2.) Too many tactical hookers which is really a load of fat, old middle-aged men sitting at home dressing up anatomically correct females dolls in skimpy outfits and (I kid you not) posting new ideas for making perky nipples and threading realistic public hair into the dolls. Admittedly this last has taken a bit of a nose drive when Google Ads refused to to work with the board when this stuff was on public display.

    3.) There is also a high preponderance towards Sci-Fi, Hollywood rubbish and crappy TV Shows.

    4.) The new owners are only interested in monetising the site and no interest in the hobby at all. All their efforts to back-port the forum Software to VBulletin 3x (to keep it in line with all the other monetised sites they've hoovered up around the net) has made the whole place unstable and insecure.
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    He's chuffed to bits that Hogie has replied to his first efforts.
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