Deal Tank and other WW1 tanks on display

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    Although not conclusive for the whole period, I have found some photographic evidence that confirms the tank’s presence from April 1920 to August 1933, and absence by April 1948.

    Search > Grid | Britain From Above

    upload_2018-5-3_23-30-36.jpeg upload_2018-5-3_23-25-43.jpeg
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    This 1926 aerial photo places the tank in the north-east corner of Tower Gardens, in front of the crenulations, as part of a larger exhibit that included a number of artillery pieces. Your picture was evidently taken later, after the curtain wall and the retaining wall at the base of the motte had been removed. On the right of your picture, beyond Clifford’s Tower, it looks like the prison is in the process of demolition.


    Britain From Above
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