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    Just to let everyone know, but the Dambusters website is back up and running again. I'm probably the last to know, but I thought I'd mention it.
    So visit http://www.dambusters.org.uk for a concise history of the greatest ever RAF squadron.
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    Just bookmarked the site! :)
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    On BBC radio 4extra today (16th May 2018) - an episode of "Reel Histories" :
    BBC Radio 4 Extra - Reel Histories - Dam Busters

    The most famous bombing mission in history was an operational success, but did the bouncing bomb do anything to shorten the Second World War?

    Decades on from 617 Squadron's raid on the Ruhr dams, historians still disagree over the real effects of one of the RAF's finest hours.

    Journalist Gerry Northam explores the history behind celluloid images of our past.

    To coincide with the anniversary of Operation Chastise:
    Operation Chastise - Wikipedia

    ....there was also a recent episode of the BBC radio series Witness and the BBC TV episode called:
    "Dam Busters Declassified" is due to be repeated (this evening) on Wednesday 16th May at 22:30:
    ref Dambusters
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