Dambusters - Can you help us find their final resting place and headstones!

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    RE: Bill Townsend

    Hi just to help with this one. Bill was my grandfather. He passed away on 9th April 1991. There was a service with fly past on 15th April 1991 at Lickey Church, Bromsgrove. He was then cremated at Redditch crematorium. He is survived by his wife, Eileen, 88, his 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

    Hope this helps
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    Hi Nikki, thanks for that can you add any info on the mention of your Grandads ashes being scattered in St Arvans, and also his connection to Chepstow many thanks Jason.
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    Thank you Nikki - Great info - Every bit helps.


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    I met Jack Buckley , the rear gunner in L for Leather when I was a boy. He used to be a member of the British legion in saltaire West Yorkshire where my dad was the steward.

    Jack passed away a number of years ago, but he lived in the Saltaire / Shipley area of West Yorkshire.

    I'm pretty sure he's interred at nab wood cemetery, between saltaire and bingley.

    If I get a minute I'll make an enquiry to try and find him..I live close by so if he's there I'll nip round and get a photo.

    I thought I'd let you know so the this information is out there.

    Thanks Mark
  5. spidge


    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

    Knowing when these brave lads that survived the war died, and where they are buried with a photo of their grave would be a good ending to their accomplishments.

    Look forward to the photo if at all possible.


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    temptage I thought it would only take a few weeks......

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    I have read that Sgt Fred (or Frank) Tees in P.O. Ottley's aircraft AJ-C switched places to become the Rear Gunner and was consequently the only survivor when the aircraft crashed before bombing. After being a PoW he apparently returned home to find his mother had been killed in Chichester by a Liberator of the USAF. Tees then became a barber in Hitchin or Letchworth and was said to have commited suicide in March 1982. Does anyone know the circumstances?
  8. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Gunnersbury Cemetery,London
    Harold Brownlow Martin

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  9. spidge


    Thank you Clive.
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    Townsend_P1010643.JPG Townsend_P1010641.jpg

    It has taken quite a while to find this, but thanks to David Priddis of St Arvans Parish Church, Chepstow, we have a photo of William Clifford Townsend's grave. It is not in the church yard, but is in the extension across the road. There also, is the grave of his parents.
    The Church is unusual in that it has a circular church yard, which suggests a Celtic origin.
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  11. spidge


    Hi Geoff,

    Thanks to you for chasing this through and David Priddis for the photo.

  12. geoff501

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    Don't think they quite realised who they had there. Some of the senior congregation thought they remembered the family at Chepstow. I may get down there this year, somewher nearby I need to visit.
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    RE: Brian Goodale, AJ-L
    I manage the website for the Hildenborough History Society and we have a page dedicated to Brian Goodale here..... Brian Goodale, Dambuster
    It includes his DoB, DoD, a short bio, and a recent photo of his gravestone.
    On 17th May 2018, we will be unveiling a commemorative blue plaque on the house where he lived from birth until 1939.
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  14. spidge


    Hi Mellie,
    Thank you very much for the contact.

    Great to see that these lads are not forgotten after 75 years.
    I do have a friend in the RAF who lives in Suffolk and took the photo for me however thank you for the offer.
    I have attached a crew photo I made up for each of the Dambuster crews which you might have use for, as well as a link I placed on You-Tube to the "Dambusters March" which may also be of interest to you.


    6 Dambuster Shannon Crew.jpg
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    Plaque lift off for raid hero
  17. spidge


    Thank you.

    Read about it last week - the 75th Anniversary begins.

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