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    A new Mod has come out for Call of Duty 2 Tactical Realism (i've never played it so not sure what its like):
    All fonctionalities :

    A little modification of a translation from [1st ID] Pfc. Chevarie


    Bleeding when u get shot
    new gametype From the Admiral mod: Domination
    Black screen when you are killed. You can't see who killed you and
    no message who says who killed who in the bottom of ur screen
    Sprint with a moving view (Stronger Breathing) if u ran for to long


    Shotgun completly removed from the weapon choice screen
    No M1 Garand for the british.
    weapons can now Jam
    .30 Caliber and MG42 deployable
    Ammo, nades and smokes are given randomly
    The number of ammo left isnt indicated on the HUD anymore
    Possibility to retake a nade and to throw it again be4 it blows up

    Action Menu (same key as fast tchat)

    Status : To know how ammy Ammo clip and how many Bandages u
    have compress a wound: Stop almost completly the bleeding when ur hit...
    Put a bandage : take more time, but stop completly the bleedings
    Fix ur weapon : Unjam ...
    Throw the weapon : throw ur current weapon


    Skin with a red cross on the helmet and on the arm (There is a bug with
    the russian medic skin)
    and of course more bandages

    Playing environement

    Planes overfly the map with 20 different way, choosed each time at
    environnement sounds : u can hear a lot of War sounds everywhere on
    the map... u'll never be alone alone anymore on the battlefield ...


    Well it saying something like its now possible to send welcome
    and to save some automatics messages on the server.


    We can configurate the name of a player which make that he appear
    with an "squadleader hat" (or "squadleader helmet"), very different as the
    usual helmet
    If u get shot in the legs u fall down
    If u get shot in the arms u drop ur weapon
    only one main weapon per player
    U can help another player to threat his wounds while he waits for a

    What do you think. When i find a link to the file i will post it.

    PS. This has been translated from French.

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