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Discussion in 'All Anniversaries' started by Paul Reed, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Paul Reed

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    I was out in my local town getting some commemorative D Day booklets printed for my coach group this weekend, when I noticed the chap in front of me was getting some photos copied - they should a soldier in WW2 battledress. I also noticed a Wessex Wyvern flash on the photo, so asked him if he was a veteran - indeed he was, Mr Albert Figg, who had fought in Normandy with the RA of 43rd Wessex Division.

    Mr Figg is about to depart for Normandy, where he tells me there will be a service on Hill 112 on Saturday 5th June @ 10.00am.

    Mr Figg was the person responsible for putting the Churchill tank on Hill 112 and maintains a good website at:


    Some photos of Hill 112 on my own website at:

  2. salientpoints

    salientpoints Senior Member

    Thanks Paul

    I have made a note of the site for future ref.

    Unfortunately I won't arrive Sat until 3pm so looking forward to Jazz and fireworks...

  3. Dieppe

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    Paul - Thanks for that link, it's more assistance to a complete novice!
  4. Chris Basey

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    An afternoon of very good coverage by both BBC News 24 and Sky News of the events on and offshore. Especially poignant ws the flypast of the Battle of Britiain Memorial Flight and the dropping of the poppy petals.

    Some interesting (unusually long, for a change) interviews with veterans. Most were diplomatic about the attendance of the German Chancellor tomorrow but it was clear to see that his presence is 'insensitive' to say the least. One or two were not too happy about Bush's likening the US troops' deliverance of France in 1944 and their latest escapades in Iraq!

    STEVEN Senior Member

    I have been watching the coverage since the early hours on the BBC.Glad to say that it has been well presented if a little "gushing" a times !!.A emotional occasion that has been well handled by the BBC.

    The interviews with the veterans,very thought provoking.Afterall it's their day and that of their fallen comrades.Best interview for me that of the formal Naval rating standing with his Son and 12 year old Grandson.I think one of the best illustrations (the three generations together) of why the war and D-Day itself had to be fought.


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