D-Day Radio Program, featuring Orson Welles - from June 7, 1944

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    An approximately 30 min episode from June 7, 1944 simply titled, D-Day Program, featuring Orson Welles:

    Orson Welles Almanac - The D-Day program of 70 year ago • Wellesnet | Orson Welles Web Resource

    Billed as "one of Orson Welles' finest wartime broadcasts. Orson Welles' Almanac was usually a half-hour variety show, but on June 7, 1944, the day after the D-Day landing in France, Welles presented a special dramatic broadcast. It starred Agnes Moorehead as a mother reading a letter to her son."

    It starts with about 10 mins of dramatised reaction in the US, in California, followed by dramatisation of departure from southern England to arrival in France, then switches back to more reaction in the US.

    Also, a version on youtube:

    With content described... "One of Orson Welles' masterpieces, a half hour drama written and performed shortly after the D-Day invasion of France during WWII for his "Almanac" half hour radio series. Agnes Moorehead is the wife of a pilot over France during the invasion and using sound Welles transcends time and space, at the top of his game. "
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