D day mystery units.

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    Is this it?

    I fancied the formation sign could be a 4th Armd Bde rat and that seems to be confirmed by the IWM's description. If it is 4 Armd Bde HQ, the unit serial should be 121 which, again, an eye of faith can see.

    The only snag is that the AoS flash looks to be 'dark over light', which is the wrong way round for HQ signals? The other possibility would be their Forward Delivery Squadron which had green over blue. No serial number is given in the resource at hand, but it's possible they could have used the Bd HQ number.
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    By Jove I think you've got it.

    I have looked at the description in your link and replayed the disc. The descriptions certainly match the items on the disc. The bit with a Weasel is only two seconds long. There is a K5 following the Weasel and another lorry in front which may or may not be a K5.

    A Weasel in use as a Brigadiers Rover would fit with what little we know of their employment.

    I had not thought that 4 Armoured Brigade was at Vernon but 8 Armoured Brigade was. The IWM description does say 4th Brigade though.


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    From Carver's History of the 4th Armoured Brigade:

    We reverted to the command of the 53rd Division at midnight but changed to the 15th Scottish Division again the next day, the 22nd. Between the 23rd and the 28th we moved from Trun to Ailly, on the west bank of the Seine, without opposition except from the mass of dead horses and derelict vehi-cles blocking every road.
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    I was given a disc some years ago and have just got it out to look at again. It is some hour and a half to two hours long and I though everything on it was about the bridges at Vernon. This section must have crept in by mistake. Lots of footage about building the David and Goliath bridges and the assault crossing.

    There are lots of traps for the unwary researcher.

    Thanks again.

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    The Weasel again.

    According to the report of 104 Beach Sub Area.

    12 Weasels were issued to 104 Beach Sub Area about 10 days before marshalling began. They were issued to Military Landing Officers for beach work and to Headquarters Commander RE and the beach field companies. They proved to be invaluable in the early stages. They can travel anywhere and can 'waltz' on clay or peat which will bog the ordinary jeep. Having less track pressure than any other similar vehicle they are less likely to set off mines, particularly on beaches.

    104 Beach Sub Area was responsible for operating Gold. Presumably other beaches received the same numbers of Weasel. We also know that 89 and 90 Field Companies RE each had three Weasels.

    The report is generally very critical of everything so that the above is praise indeed.

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    Resurrecting this thread with a Christmas present for Mike (and several others I suspect). I am a member of the facebook group "British & Commonwealth Manufactured Soft skinned Military Transport. Recently a number of inks to IWM films have been posted - including this which (at 2:50) shows a weasel marked "CMNDRS ROVER"
    Best Wishes, Noel
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    Mike - ignore the PM - as you can see I have managed to fix the gremlin which was preventing me from posting.
    Here's a screenshot of the Weasel
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    Thank you.

    Happy Birthday and Merry Noel, Noel.

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    IRRC the 2IC of one artillery unit (33 Field Regiment ???) wangled an un-authorised Weasel onto the D Day landing. It then drowned on landing without ever being used.

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