D Day Landing Craft Markings

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    My father was I believe on LC 375 and a sharpshooter of the RURs Sword Beach. He was wounded in the leg 6 weeks into the operation and after a spell in a french hospital was sent back to fight. I shall scaan this site with interest
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    If he was with 2RUR and landed on Sword on DDay then you might want to take a look at this site...

    If you have any photos of him in uniform then more than happy to add to the Gallery (if he isn't there already).

    2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles in WW2

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    This has already been adressed in my previous posts #198 and #193 in this thread.

    Yes, that was the original plan as of the date of the Landing Tables (19 Mar 44). Note that LTIN 353 carried only the advance party (Staff Captain's), and that Main HQ of 9 Bde (LTIN 264), was to land "at request of Bde Comd", i.e. not necessarily before the Inf Bns.

    However the plan changed and by 21 May 44 (i.e. the final plan for D Day), the planned landing times had been brought forward and LTINs 388-396 moved before 365-376 as follows:

    Group 15 (337-356) – H+250
    Group 16 (388-396) – H+270
    Group 18 (365-376) – H+330
    Group 19 (399-410) – H+360

    The bulk of the Infantry Battalions (388-396) was thus now to land before both the Bde Def Pl (365 & 370) and the remainder of Bde HQ (365, 366 & 399). As for the Brigadier and Main HQ (364) in LOCUST (DR4), he was still to land when he wanted (or could). The Bde War Diary claimed he landed landed via LCT(4) LTIN 366 (LCT 864) at 1300 hrs (H+335), i.e. about on time, but the actual time was more likely around 1400 hrs together with the rest of Group 18.

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