D day beach markers

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    I found this at a local car boot sale and think it maybe from D-day?

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    An interesting find. It is not D Day Normandy but is very similar. The basic system was certainly the same. The coloured beach boundary markers in Normandy were red, white and green rather than red, amber and green. The exit markers are particularly interesting. I have seen the triangular ones in photos and even posted one a couple of weeks ago. The diamond markers are new to me. The flags were also used in Normandy.

    Anyway thank you for sharing it.

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    Hi Mike it looked interesting to me and for 50p I could not leave it, in the top corner it looks like it says sgt ___. Thanks for the info.
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    This looks like a post war system developed from the system used in 1944. The beach markings in 1944 can be found in the report on the LARGS combined Operations staff officers course. Appendix F to the lecture on beach organisations contains the description of beach signs.
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    I have posted this before i am just seeing if anyone has any more information about it. JPEG_20191102_103300_7127813930983602969-1824x1368-1280x960.png
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    Gosh , I gave the same reply on that thread as well.
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