D.Day 6.6.1944

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    One of the biggest events that changed the World. Many of us on this forum had relatives involved. Many of us have been to Normandy countless numbers of times, but not this year though.

    Like many people I've taken a huge number of photos in Normandy. If you had to chose just two images from a visit there what would your choices be?

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    Always remember, never forget,


    Normandy 1.jpg

    Normandy 2.jpg
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    The thread title's made me think how confusing it would have been if D-Day had been 5th June as planned. The Americans would have subsequently insisted that that it took place on 6th May...

    Now to look for some photos...
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    I certainly don't want to imply that Omaha was everything but two photos sprung to mind:

    D-Day WN60.jpg

    Not as good a view as the Germans would have had from WN60. It was a rather blustery, drizzly day and everything was buried under brambles - you'll have to take it on trust that this was one of the two defiladed gun positions overlooking the beach and the casemated pair on WN62(?). I can't help the feeling that these guns contributed more than they are creditted for.

    D-Day Wheeldon.jpg

    Yes, it's Bayeux cemetery, but that's not where this chap died:

    BBC - WW2 People's War - The Royal Navy on Omaha Beach


    Interestingly, CWGC records him being on LCA 1068.
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    This picture of the present honouring the forefathers

    There is a very good chance 1in 3 that my uncle may be laid here so a favourite of mine

    Have a look at Pegasus Bridge Memorial Facebook page they had a small service yesterday but sill moving

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    I don't want to post a photo. I want to remember the forgotten.

    My heroes are the men who fell as members of the Forward Observation Units and Forward Observation Bombardment units. These men did not serve in commando or para units, but were attached from other units or the Royal Navy. How about Lieutenants Johnson and Archer whose units were not in theatre when they fell? What about the gunners and naval telegraphists whose details are harder to find?
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